Mobilisation Versus Career

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by captaincalamity, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Good morning

    Looking for some reasonably sensible suggestions here. I am currently in the RAF Regt, after serving many years in the TA, Infantry then Engineers. I volunteered for Afghanistan last year, was accepted but then knocked back when a Reg took the job. The next detachment that our Regular counterpart Sqn is down for is April 2012. I am 48, fit, healthy etc, knees still good, back is a bit creaky at time, otherwise it is all good. At the moment I am working as an expat abroad, so making enough money to pay off 20 years of pissing it all away debt, plus some. So I am not in date as far as most of my training goes, since I have been away from the Sqn for a year, though when I am home on leave I attend where I can.

    I am in a bit of a quandry. Clearly time is pressing, so if I am going to get a deployment it should be now. Should I really look hard for a Unit that is going soon, and apply for a transfer? I appreciate that that I won't be able to protect all my income, but I would like to protect some of it. How do I go about doing that? How do I find out about Units that are looking for people (I am in the RAF system so finding Army posts without going through the Sqn is tricky)? Do I take the risk of the effect on my career or knuckle down and accept the fact that I can't have everything (never been one to be told what to do!)?

  2. Ask your PSI.
  3. My 2p on the bit I know something about ...

    If you are a UK resident (so paying UK tax on your foreign income), paid as an employee and earning less than £200k, you will get nearly all your income and some additional costs.

    If you are being paid as a contractor, then you basically will go onto ish a 5/7ths rate (up to the max) but will be HMG PAYE, so will end up paying more tax. (If, like I do, you have multiple customers and can end up billing more than 5 days per week, this gets trickier.)

    If you are a temporary tax exile then you are pretty much stuffed, as you'll go on to UK tax - but, hell, if you can't take a joke ...

    I'm not sure of exactly how the RAF admin system works but, for the Army, you take payslips (enough to show variations in overtime and bonus) and P60 (or local equivalent) (and a letter from your accountant, if contractor, explaining your earnings as opposed to your pay), to mobilisation and they'll work out what your equivalent daily rate should be. If you are going to dip out on a bonus because you mob, take a letter explaining that too. It all helps.