Mobilisation Questions. Accomodation and PAYD

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. If all goes according to plan (?) I should be mobilising in November 2010, firstly to go to Chilwell, then OPTAG somewhere else, leave over Christmas before joining a regular unit in Germany as an IR in January, expecting to deploy after training in about March or April I should think - haven't had details of that.

    Do I get charged accommodation through all this period? I'm assuming PAYD will apply. If so, how much is it likely to be?
  2. PAYD really depends on how much you eat
  3. Yes yes..... ;)

    I meant how much is accommodation? :0
  4. I paid something like £40 - £45 per month for 4 man room. Wouldn't mind but I spent most the 4 months PDT in transt camps and spta
  5. Just as an aside, what's the situation with married personnel 'living in' nowadays? At one time if you were married you didn't pay for your room etc.
  6. Right when you re here at RTMC you wont pay for your meals as you will get a free feeder card for all meals as you are mobilised!
  7. Thanks for that Tim.

    If that is the reasoning then does that principle carry across to training with the regular unit in Germany?

    Any idea on accommodation charges?

    Do regulars get charged accommodation when mobilised or posted elsewhere if they have their own home at their Regimental/Bn Depot? Anyone in barracks won't get charged for two locations I presume.... :?
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    It really depends on the type of accommodation you're billeted in. When we joined our Regular battalion the camp was absolutely heaving due to the number of sprogs who had been posted in straight out of depot. All of us augmentees posted in just for the tour, were housed in the transit accommodation in the Training area next to the camp. The building was ghastly, but free. Depending on manning at your receiving battalion, you may find yourself in a similar position.
  9. Yes PAYD in deuchland and accomodation charges apply whilst your there ( unless like above and your in transit). However you will get paid LOA from the day you arrive to the day you deploy, which comes in handy and you can make use of a favourable forces exchange rate too.
  10. To take it one stage further, would Ex-Stab be entitled to a MQ?
  11. Don't start being silly :)
  12. What's LOA then? Don't know that one.
  13. At first glance it may look silly, but if you're paying PAYD, doesn't it infer that it's a permanent posting? Somebody else can look it up, but I suspect that either you'd be a free feeder or be entitled to some other perks.
  14. You've not served overseas before and haven't heard of Local Overseas Allowance?
  15. Fair point, I thought you were just being facetious.

    I am inclined to wonder whether a regular who lives in his own home near his unit has to pay accommodation charges when attached temporarily to a different Bn. That is in effect what I'll be doing.