mobilisation question

Among the many reasons for joining the TA, doing something vastly different to my day job has huge appeal - but SWMBO will not entertain the idea of deployment to somewhere sunny for anything other than a beach holiday

Any chance of being mobilised without going overseas? Or does that depend on trade?
I'm doing FTRS HC - Home Commitment for the next year. Means I can help out Task Force Helmand but don't deploy to sunnier climbs ( can't deploy at the mo anyway ).

There are loads of jobs out there, just takes you to have a nosey. They post one every month and you can access it online. The jobs range from 6 months to 4 years ( if you want to and you are 'taken on' you can even do FTRS post(s) for up to 12 years - so my friend at Glasgow told me and he should know ). You don't always have to have a specific trade for certain posts.

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