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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rockhopperst4, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. I'm just about to join a specialist unit, but i've got a couple of questions that i'd like to get answers on before i commit to joining.
    I understand that it'll typically be two years before i may be mobilised. If i have skills that the army want can it be less than that?
    My employer has no TA or reserve forces policy and there is nothing in my contract. I spoke to my boss and he wasn't totally against the idea but i can imagine that changing if i have to go away for six months. If my job can be put on hold for six months then what's to stop my employer deciding that i should be made redundant a day after i get back? I would have to prove that they have discriminated against me becasue of my TA membership. Has this happened to anyone?

    Am i worrying about nothing?
  2. msr

    msr LE


    Employers are more canny than that, although it is not illegal.

    You have every reason to worry - get your priorities sorted - Family, Work TA. Ignore this advice at your peril.

  3. As cheerful as MSR may be, he is also correct. Unless you have an employer that is 100% behind you mobilising, I'd think again.

    It shouldn't stop you joining, but mobilisation is for many people the end-game of two years of hard work and for some, the whole point of joining.

    Think carefully about your reasons, responsibilities and commitment and then, if you're sure, sign on the line, take the shilling and be prepared for the 'fun' that lies in wait.
  4. Cheers guys.

    I wouldn't say that mobilisation is the whole point of joining (for me) but i do feel that its the whole point of the TA if you get my meaning.

    So what are my options come mobilisation time?
  5. You can say YES YES YES or ask your employer to appeal your mobilisation.. I never gave a shite about any job I had while in the TA... as I enjoyed the TA more than last two jobs my bosses were both ex officers so I was ok.
  6. Get it straight.
    It's a six month tour, but that is normally nine or ten months away from work with mobilisation and OPTAG pre-tour and recovery and POTL afterwards.
  7. Are Chillwell still coming away with that pish about not working while on POTL ? They tried to tell me that the Army would claw back my pay if I went back to work before the end of POTL. Total nonsense and incorrect.
  8. but don't underestimate the fatigue and the need you will have for 2 months chilling out and trying to adjust to parachuting back into civvy life.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    2 months... ?

  10. Tax man tried to hit me for the "two wages" spell...told him to bugger off....
  11. maximum permissible POTL = 40 working days = 8 weeks = 56 days total = not a kick in the teeth off two months...