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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by danielsan, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. I have volunteered for mobilisation and would like to ask a question of my learned colleagues previously or currently on Teilc. I understand that most kit/supply issues have been resolved now - but are there any really worthwhile investments that will make my time in the desert more comfortable. I am currently in a really large corps but will be going out as an infantry augmentee - is there any kit shortfall I may need to make up? :?
  2. Playstations.
  3. Yeah, I thought a PSP would be a good investment. Would I be best to leave my mobile phone @ home or will I get a good if expensive coverage?
  4. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    First of all, I'd hold off making any purchases until you're 100% sure you're going to go! Useful stuff to have, decent head torch, sunglasses (black) and goggles. You will be issued those last two, but unless they've improved since telic 5, buy your own! (unless you like looking like an elvis impersonator with dodgy glasses)

    There's shed loads of bits and bobs that make life comfortable, but to be honest most stuff (pillows, bedding etc etc) is easily obtainable out there. You'll have to take a mountain of stuff, don't weigh yourself down with any more unless you really can't get it there.

    If you've got a laptop, PSP, mp3 player etc etc take it. it's BORING out there.

    EDIT >
    Oh, and if you take a laptop, buy a USB digi tv tuner. They've installed transmitters at SLB so you can watch telly on your lappy, rather than have to use a communal tv.

  5. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Take it, if only for incomming texts and a handy alarm clock.
    O2, Vodaphone and T Mobile all work in the Basrah area. Not sure about Orange.

    Texting home cost me about 40p a shot, calls were about £1.20 a min. (so use your welfare minutes rather than mobile!)
  6. Don't specially buy a new mobile phone - take an old, tried and tested one. I'd been out a few weeks when I got the message "Stop using your charger, it may explode (or something similar). It can be exchanged at your nearest Vodafone shop." Cnuts!
  7. take your mobile if only too have it at chilwell and for r&r lap top is good .The rest you can pick up out there as you need it cheaper at the px.Most of the stuff you get issused is ok now.And some units get a sad on about gucci glasses goggles etc .
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    MP3 player/Ipod. Any electrical equipment purchased from the Choggi shops has a 50/50 chance of actually working.
  9. Do you infanteers still carry entrenching tools as part of your CEFO?
  10. No normally in bergan if carried at all. Carry mine in daysac as sandbags are needed for mounting the gpmg in the sustained role
    if worried stick it in the comfy box where it will probably sit for the entire tour .