Mobilisation queries.


A few quick queries for the assembled wisdom of Arrsers!

1) Has anyone who is an IT contractor managed to be mobilised at their normal daily rate?

2) Further to the above, for how long are you expected to provide evidence of earning that rate ie will a three month contract do or is a longer period required?

3) (Appreciate that this one might seem a bit bone - apologies!) If you are mobilised at a rate higher than your (mil rank) rate as a result of 1) and 2) does that impact on unit budgets or is it paid "centrally" (as I suspect!)

Any gen/experiences/opinions welcome.




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A very good starting point would be with SaBRE - they advertise on here, and are paid for by the MoD just to deal with questions regarding this sort of thing - so ask them!

Meanwhile, you may find a few IT geeks who have been mobilised - I know one at least, currently in Bosnia (asked for Iraq, got Boz) - but I do't know what he got under the rules. Details are in the Reserve Forces (Call-out and Recall) (Financial Assistance) Regulations 2005 (SI 2005/859); in summary, Reservists can claim for the following:

- up to specified financial ceilings, loss of earnings and some benefits, (including company cars); and

- without financial limit, certain allowable expenses.
I think you may also need to prove that you can't survive on a lower income, mortgages and bills etc, ather than just getting pished alot.

Some of the guys I mob'ed wth got quite high rate of pay due to having good jobs.


i mobbed on Telic 8 and was paid at my civi wage.
When you get to Chilwell you will need to prove your earnings. Lots of guys were earning more than their NDR. I was paid more than my CO!
Its a simple process and the J1 staff at chilwell are used to this. They will match your civi wage upto about 200k or 300k if your a doctor!

Just dont forget your supporting evidence.
Some confusion in the answers here - head on over to SABRE for the official line. Note that the old system whereby you were means tested for payments above a certain limit has gone so you can safely ignore all advice related to that from those who were mobilised before it changed.

To summarise - salary below approx £200K, simply present proof of wages and collect. Any extra expenses as a result of mobilisation in the allowed categories (extra childcare, insurance on your empty house etc), simply present proof and collect.

However ... make very, very sure that your paperwork is in order, you'll never go wrong by presenting too much proof. I'm not aware of the system providing any guidelines as to what is acceptable so take everything. Always take the original and copies with you, you don't want to hand over any originals if you can help it.

And do your sums before you go, if you get offered less than you should then stand firm and press your case. The system is not there to look after you, that's for you to do using the system - an important distinction some miss. Don't take the p!ss mind, you're not supposed to make money on the deal but equally you're not supposed to lose out.
I'm an IT contractor but haven't been mobilised yet. I think personally this is a huge gap that we can easily fall into, as a contractor we can command very high rates of pay, because we give up a lot of priviliages that permies have, however most contractors don't get paid what we earn per month.

If you are like me then you pay yourself a modest wage then reap in the dividends as a nice fat bonus, the joy of this is if you have weeks/months between contracts you use the slush fund to ensure you get your wage to pay mortgage etc. I think the problem here is you may only get paid the monthly wage not the dividened, I am unsure wheter your company (taking it you have your own company not going via an umbrella) can claim a loss of revenue, I'm sure you have a fairly solid claim on that. HOWEVER I believe that if you did try and claim that revenue you could potentially be stopped from being mobilised in the same way a company says "hell no he can't go". But again I am unsure of the facts, if/when I get mobilised I am sure I will become more knowledgable

If however you do PAYE or umbrella full payout, you should in theory get your pay, however you will need payslips and if you are, like me, doing several differnet jobs in the year at vastkly differeing rates (I do grunt work, consultancy and training, all range vastly in time and rate) you may have an issue in exactly what they deem as a monthly pay , especially if you like 6 week hoildays and the like

I know not a help at all

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