Mobilisation putting potential recruits off?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cc123, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Do you think that the very high possibility that after your initial training you might get posted is putting a lot of potential TA recruits off?

    I was told plain and simple that there as soon as I'm passed CIC there is a 99.9 % chance I'll get a big brown package through the door saying get your sh1t together.

    It doesn't put me off but I imagine it will put many folk off and send them packing, are all TA units saying the same thing to new recruits?

    I get the impression that many folk think the TA is a jolly and there is no chance of being called up?
  2. My experience is that this is not the problem which it is perceived to be. The chance to do the job is more of an inducement to attest than being away for 9 months is a disincentive.
  3. Good if the chance of mobilistaion puts those off who were expecting a jolly GREAT we don't want them. However what we do need are committed individuals willing to do their bit.
    That said mobilisation is not compulsary. Most units have to submit lists of troops able to deploy (who then get compulsary mobilisation under RFA96 to protect them).

    You should only get an envelope if you volunteer for one. In our unit pier pressure is normally enough to get troops to go and most want too anyway.
    For those who do not go there is and should not be any malice as someone has to remain on the home front and keep the unit on the map

    We are honest with our potential recruits has no put many off yet - anyone can be a hard man on the street - we just challenge them to come and prove it ;-)

  4. The answer, as always, is that it depends on the individual and their circumstances. The older you are the more commitments you tend to have, hence the greater the chance of being put off. So units who tend to attract 18 year olds will see fewer problems than those who tend to attract twenty somethings.

    That said, "intelligent mobilisation" means that you should not receive a brown envelope unless you have positively indicated your willingness to do a tour. And you can always appeal if it gives you problems - although an appeal these days merely means your CoC haven't done their job properly, given they're only supposed to choose soldiers who can go without problems.

    And I don't know who does 9 months these days, current advice from my mob is 11 to 11 and a half months depending on CrabAir returning you from theatre.

    Finally, the days of the "never be called up" jolly TA have long since gone and all who thought that way have left. I'm all for being realistic about the commitment, but over-egging it either way doesn't help us.
  5. I'm in Recruit training and since day one they have repeatedly told us that if we pass out we WILL all be going to Afghanistan next year, definitley. The thought of it is obviously nerve wracking but no way on earth would I let my mates go without me.
    In my unit at the moment I believe the level of new recruits is higher than it has been for ages so its not putting anyone off around my way.
  6. I think for those with a career and a mortgage it isn't going to help. For those with their own business it could spell disaster.
    When I was in (1980s- early 1990s) these people would still join because if they did get mobilised it would be for something so major that the details would become less important. I don't know how my missus would take it to learn that I was going overseas for 6-9 months to earn a 1/4 or 1/3 of my current salary. Now if they matched your civvy salary whilst you were overseas for more than 2-3 weeks recruitment might be a lot higher. Wouldn't do much for relations with the Regs on £50 a day though...
  7. ^They do match your salary. They have done since about 2005!
  8. ^^^^ Maybe I have picked things up wrong then. I just got a general impression that a few recruits might be put off but I suppose it weeds out the kind of folk you don't want in your unit.

    Not that it puts me off, I would like to do my bit if the time comes. Guy also said its about 11 months all in away from your normal life if you get called up.

    The recruiter did say that after the new year loads of potential guys came screaming through the door but hardly any came back with applications filled in.......I just assumed.

    How many of you's guys have been to Iraq/Afghanistan?
  9. I thought eveyone knew this...

  10. Any inf units want a 37 yr old marksman who needs some help getting his fitness back? CV by arrangement. Midlands for preference.
  11. I've had this discussion before and I feel it is wrong and dangerous to keep insisting that everyone will go to whereverstan straight after CMSR etc

    All potential and current recruits should be informed that there is a possibility in these heightened times of threat that operational tours are more frequent and a more likely than not. I had to think long and hard about joining up, not becuae I don't want to go, not because I did my tours in the regs but because my personal circumstances dictated it. The MoD may match wages but in my business its not about a daily wage its about the next contract, commitment to the client etc, take me out the game for 9 months (including training in that) and I'll be out of pocket for the year, plus I bet the MoD don't subsidise dividend payouts. Thats jut the financial side of things, I can't forget the family side that has already had to deal with 3 of the 5 tours I did and it all gets messy.

    I put off joining becuase of that, I put off joining because the constant claims that you will be mobilised, but when I heard about intelligent mobilisation I realised that its not that cut and dry. If you ask why the feck I joined when I don't intend to tour ? Well because I can still be of use, because I will tour when my country desperatley need it (sorry I still don't consider the current state of affairs as truely desperate)

    What people seem to forget is that many have the capbility and will but they don't now it yet, telling some 17 year old lad that he in all likelyhood be in Basra by 18 may make many err on the side of caution, after all they know next to nothing about the army, don't confuse enthusiasm with ability. When I joined the regs I could of signed for 3, 6 or 9 years, I was, and still am, army barmy, but I opted for the 3 option because I couldn't be sure I could either hack it or even enjoy it, I ended up staying for 12.

    Get the guys and gals through the door, speak truthly to them and get them trained, by the end of training the guy who would of bolted might actually be voluteering for the next tour
  12. Surely that's what you join up for ?
    Probably would dissolve the Weekend Warrior stereotype.
  13. Ex Stab - If you are serious dear boy try local RAF Regiment - they still do Infantry work and can take people like yourself just past the enlistment age but still with plenty to give! well past our current limit of 34 with previous military exp. though you could try some specilaist units they may be able to work something out for you.

    Don't know why the TA still have the age limit those Ex soldiers willing and able can still play their part in my books and are more cost effective.

    CC123 in answer to your question - Whos been to Iraq and Afghan - Answer all of us who wanted too! The rest will follow in due course as will you in time if that is what you wish - Keep up the good work


    P.S If you are serious about going on tour get in quick post 2007/8 annual requirement for augmentation from TA as a whole will be 1200 soldiers per annum as more resourses become free post the wind up of Op Banner this year.
  14. In all fairness though if your signing up you should know that your swaring into a contract that means if your country needs you, then you may be required to go.

    He did say the chance was high but not all off the guys can go due to commitments at home with family and jobs and they ask for vouluteers first.

    He said between the whole Regiment they need 126 guys to vouluteers this year.
  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    We had a chat last night with our new boys, who all joined while a majority of us were in Iraq/Afghan. One stuck his hand up to say he was really not sure he wanted to go on the basis of not wanting to miss his kid. He was therefore honest enough to say he will prob be handing in his kit soon. Others were nervous or apprehensive but none said they were put off.