Mobilisation papers for Herrick 15

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_d, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I've put my name down for herrick 15 and I was just wondering when do we get our mobilisation papers for Chilwell?

  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    About 28 days before you are due to go to Chilwell.
  3. I'm not sure that 'putting your name down' automatically qualifies you for mobilisation (does it?)...

    I think you'll find that it depends on a lot of things that may or may not support your request. Unless of course 'put my name down' was a euphemism for 'responded to a known vacancy on the OCP and I have the appropriate qualifications and support from my family, employer and Unit' etc.
  4. Awesome cheers
  5. That's already sorted. Trawl went out for bods and I volunteered. Hopefully will find out when the brown envelope drops on my doorstep.
  6. Dunno if it's the same process for TA as RAuxAF, but the last trawl we had identified a additional gap of eight bods. Twelve of us 'put our names down' but only one actually got lucky, the balance coming from volunteers from other Sqns. It actually came down to those individuals who the CoC thought - on paper at least - they'd have the least trouble actually getting to deploy (ie single with no commitments, first tour, employer on-side, etc etc).
  7. Also hopefully deploying on H15. Mobilisation doesnt start until next June, dont expect anything official before then.

    Generally there will be more "names down" than places available in the ratio 2:1 to allow for dropouts/injuries/ unforseen circumstances etc. So expressing interest doesnt guarantee you a tour. The unit you are hoping to deploy with will probably be running some pre-training (prior to mobilisation) which they will use to filter out mongs. If everyone attends all the pre-training and everyone is fit for role then they are likely to take the top x candidates to fill the spaces available.

    This is how it is being run for my unit, yours may be different so check with the unit concerned for accurate information.
  8. I'm presuming that this is tongue in cheek?

    No-one can be that naive.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator



    You should have a very good idea long before then. You might get a vague clue when you start to undergo numerous weekends of mobilisation specific training, getting your fitness assessed on a regular basis, doing untold MCCP checks etc, etc, etc.

    If your unit are not doing that with you, pull your application for a tour and transfer to a unit that will train you properly before they mobilise you. Herrick 15 mission specific training is being led by 4 Para for the TA Inf. Trust me, if you are TA Inf and on that tour, you will know all about it.
  10. Can you elaborate please. My battalion is undergoing the DIE training and booking people on courses and such however we are NOT really having our fitness tested regularly, yes we have the PFT CFT(or what ever it is now) and drill night PT but that shouldn't be the standard.

    I was expecting there to be a pre deployment fitness scheme to select candidates but there as been no word of this from the COC, I cant see this in the near future, its a case of if your name is down and your up to date with DIE/courses and a vacancy you will be going. Where does 4 para come into our pre deployment training then?
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The regulars will start build up training before they start formal Mission Specific Training - they send commanders away for a Train The Trainer package, and this training is then passed on to the boys in the unit.

    Your Bn HQ would have been given a list of training objectives (TOs) by your Brigade. These are the essential elements of training you must have covered to close (note close, not remove) the skills gap between the TA soldier and his regular counterpart. You will not be able to remove the gap until you join the unit and do 4 months of dedicated pre-deployment training with them, you simply don't have the time on TA weekends. This is effectively the DIE training package, but may also include some other bits. The list for H13 included PFT, CFT and ACFT 1 and 2 (all in old terminology). For H13, the instructions were sent from Bde, but with 4 Para leading.

    You should do all this in unit run training before you go to Chilwell. After Chilwell, you should expect a 2 week consolidation course consisting of LFTT (field firing) and OPTAG. This will be conducted by staff from across the units mobilising soldiers, but with 4 Para drafting up the training programme (in accordance with direction from Bde) and leading.

    Fitness is a must - if your unit is relying on the ACFT to judge, you will really struggle when you hit your regular unit. Ask if anyone has put the Operational Fitness Tests on the programme. If not, ask if they can be put in. They are not perfect, but they are far more representative than the PFT/ACFT.
  12. This is what I am worried about, we have not actually had any build up training for the OFT's and never really done an OFT. I have read about the different OFT tests and the prospect of doing one with no real training is daunting. I know we still have till next year till we mobilise but someone better get their thumb out of their arse and get some proper fitness involved. We don't want to look like those unfit STABS which could be likely at this rate.

    We had a regular PTI come to our unit and told us that the fitness training for deployment has gone through the roof, when he saw it on paper he couldn't believe it but warned that the battalion would take no prisoners for tour.
  13. I hear that THE main concern with regard to TA soldiers is fitness.
  14. I think part of the problem regarding build up training for the OFT's is knowing which of the 6 you need to pass and therefore what the standard you’re working to is. Ultimately they all come down to moving at speed with weight but there’s quite a variation in the tests themselves.

    Off the top of my head (I’m at home and cant be arsed checking Armynet) the most basic is 1.5 mile squadded in 18 mins followed by 1.5 mile best effort, under 15mins to pass carrying 15kg. The top end is along the lines of 2 x 10 milers with 35kg on two consecutive days with the guys dropping to one knee at set intervals.

    It states in the accompanying literature that it is up to commanders to choose the tests to reflect likely role in theatre, ultimately that is the commanders of your employing regular unit. Having read the descriptions of the tests and who they're intended for Im none the wiser as to which applies.

    Couple that with the fact that the tests are relatively new (my regular PSI whos just into the Sqn hadnt heard of them and I doubt my unit PTI's have) and you have a potential problem.
  15. All the detail on OFTs is available on the MATTs pages on DII.

    None of them are 'superman' tests. There is a greater emphasis on speed with lighter weights - 1.5 miler and 3 miler; strength - casualty drag and ammo box lifting and endurance with heavy weight at a slow (patrol) pace.

    Provided you start early, follow a programme that builds speed, stamina, strength and suppleness there shouldn't be any dramas.

    That said, if you think you'll achieve it with some token PT on Tuesday nights and the odd weekend, no chance.