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  1. Top job must be the Jnco storeman in Tampa :)

    Can anyone explain a bit further what the CIMIC teams do in Maysan? Or if it's sensitive could you PM me?

  2. Woohoo, no Armourers required. That's a first. :D
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    If anyone wants any 'inside' info on the Bde HQ jobs, drop me a PM. I will try to answer your questions.

  4. so what do you actually do?, from what i see it is damn all. you're never out of that swimming pool, and when you do get out it's just to get another cocktail!
  5. I was in Bde HQ and all we did was play computer games - there was a big score board! and take time off to sunbathe! What a tour!!!
  6. Mate of mine did CIMIC on Telic 1, I'll ask him however it might have moved on a bit by now.
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    Anyone thinking of going then, there are a hell of alot of opportunities there, I think I would go, but this has come up too late, when I asked my PSAO about going on 7 he bollocksed me round saying there was no need for gunners...obviously balls.