Mobilisation notice period

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Like many I volunteered to be compulsorily mobilised over a year ago.

    How much notice is the TA soldier supposed to receive that he actually IS DEFINITELY going to be mobilised? By my reckoning it looks like I might get three weeks notice, quite possibly two. It makes it rather difficult to plan anything.

    For those of us who are self employed it is very difficult indeed.
  2. You get your papers about a month before you go
  3. I think depends on your unit. Im due to report in Jan, Got my papers in August. Loads of time to prep and do phys.
  4. I have never recived the actual papers with the actual report date on more than 3 weeks before but the last time i Mobilised was 2006
  5. Is there paperwork to be completed to "officially" volunteer ? Or is it a show of hands in the bar after work ?
  6. Pretty much the latter. I've never seen an actual form, usually just a piece of paper handed round for everyone to put there names on. I did get a letter stating that I had volunteered and asking me to confirm this was the case so I suppose that covered it officially but it seemed a bit of a backwards way to do it.

    I think to be honest that it's a pretty poor show to give people so little notice. For the regular soldier it's a different matter but for the TA soldier with a civilian job that is his entire livelihood it's hardly the same. Strikes me that the army treats us as "part time civilians" which considering the sacrifice that people put in for very little reward is frankly unreasonable.
  7. We mobilised in June 2010 and had about three weeks from the time the envelope arrived through the door until our reporting date.
  8. I have recently decided I no longer wish to go on tour next year as my unit cant even give me a rough mobilisation date (among other reasons) I still would like to go on Herrick but the sticking there head in the sand and the constant saying of you will find out soon has pissed me right off so my name has been removed from my units list of volunteers a good couple of months notice cant be that hard to organise
  9. We got 13 days notice, out of the blue!! :)
  10. Can't be too hard to find out when a HERRICK tour starts. Three months MST, add one month for mobilisation notice and you will get a pretty good idea.
  11. Exactly. You should be pretty certain of the rough dates. We got the pre-mobilisation training program issued to us 7 months prior to mobilisation and had completed a series of training weekends and a two week FFMT cadre before being put forward for mobilisation.
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This is something that comes up every year or so - I'm sure a good search of the TA Forums will reveal lots.
    In short: 28 days is the normal 'formal' notice given. Nothing else counts, legally. Even with the papers in your hand, there is no requirement for the Army to take you on, as they may not need you when called, or of course you could fail the Mob process. All the papers mean is that you have to turn up, and will be entitled to the Mob grant. They don't guarantee anything other than that :)
    Why 28 days? From experience, much longer than that could result in the requirement changing - they may not need so many VMs, but need LGV drivers or Chefs. Any shorter is not fair on employers/families. Some trade groups, like Medics, may have considerably longer - up to 6 months.
  13. What MST my unit has done none apart from a tiny bit on ADE and that was mainly another units MST and although i could roughly work it out on my own i decided to follow MSRs advice for everything and ask my PSI and from different sources there is a 2 month difference in the dates people have been given so even the PSI doesnt know and I got blanked when I asked the TM directly all = my name coming off the list

    and Bravo a "pretty good Idea" is not good enough anymore
  14. ******* Jesus Christ !! Every step of the process brings about a shit shower of compliants and whinges from the same people.

    It's a large machine that deals with a large number of different people in different circumstances. TA and regular alike know what those on higher think of you, how many proverbial dog shit sandwiches do you have to be fed en masse to accept that you are considered as casual labour, that you can and will be pushed, pulled, moulded until pliable, binned at will and fucked about at a moments notice, simple really, start a facebook group if it soaks your knickers..

    Twice I stuck my hand up post discharge and twice I was shuffling through a set of gates within a few weeks, if its that much of a drama and if you cant get your arrse in gear to tidy up your admin then dont ******* volunteer :)
  15. Hardly surprising, is it. MST is done once mobilised and with the parent unit.

    I'm sure you'll be missed.

    Better than no idea, which is where you are.