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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jash, Feb 27, 2004.

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  1. Right I know that this topic seems to have been covered a hundred times, but Im still confused :oops: What is the definition of hardship and what happens if your work is based on bonuses when theyre sorting out your pay for a sandcastle building holiday
  2. Had a presentation from some bird from RFCA last week. Thought we were all going to be shafted, but they pay thing looks ok. She didnt even think the MoD matched your Civvy pay + Ta pay!

    If your work is based on Bonuses, what they'll probably do is take your last Year as your income, and match that for your mob'd time.

    Hardship more or less means that your wife/kids will go hungry and you wont be able to pay your mortgage. See this from the SaBRE website:

    Another question, I know soldiers cant be mobilised until they have a trade, but can newly commissioned TA Officers be mobilised before they have done a Special To Arm Troop Comd's Course?

    Just wondering, like.
  3. If you get paid less than the current limits (heard rumours they may be changing so check) you get paid based on the pay slips/P60's or self employed accounts that you take to Chilwell. This is called Reservists Standard Allowance (RSA) - usually hassle free. (Although you've then got to get Glasgow to pay it on time which is easier said than done) I'm assuming you get paid more than them given your emphasis on "hardship" in the question.

    If you earn more than the limit for your rank then you have to claim Reservists Hardship Allowance (RHA). This is means tested, you need to present your complete financial records at Chilwell to back it up (eg bills, statements, loan agreements etc). Note that this covers your family, not just you and they want to look at your partner's income and expenditure as well.

    As it was explained to me the idea of RHA is to pay the bills and let your family buy food. It does not cover anything else. And if you lose out, that's tough.

    For instance, it does not cover money you save regularly - so if you put (say) 200 quid away a month for the family holiday then that will not be paid. However, if you take out a loan with repayments of 200 quid a month then they will pay you that as that has to be paid or the bailiffs come round. I've not heard of anyone yet taking out a loan before mobilisation to take advantage of this but give it time ....

    When I went through Chilwell I didn't have to claim RHA but my colleagues who did had a real bad time - one didn't agree the amount and get paid it until after he was demobilised. However, anecdotally I hear it's got better since then.

    (Limits when I was mobilised were 22.5K junior and 37K senior)
  4. cheers thats roughly what i was looking for :(