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Why are Chilwell giving enlisted TA soldiers the enrolment medical for Regs ?  Currently they are binning about 30% of TA personnel just because they do not meet the medical requirements of an 19 year old hoping for a regular career.  How many serving regs would pass this medical ?  
Continuing the logic….
1.      Why are the regs going out to theatres not given the same medical ?
2.      If Chilwell bins a soldier as medically unfit can his CO sign is as FFR ?
3.      If he is not FFR on medical grounds, lets say or high blood pressure, why should he stay in the TA.  After all he cannot be mobilised.
4.      Soldier gets mobilised.  Sells car.  Tells work.  Sorts life.  Goes to Chilwell, gets binned.  What will happen to morale ?  Sorry for swearing, but recruiting and retention, we are told, are our biggest hurdles.  I disagree.  Recruiting is not a major problem.  Retention is.  We currently loose 30% per year.  If this were cut to 10% our recruiting problem would be gone.  Why do we not have a “retention budget” ?
5.      Next year, will we need a medical to be FFR ?
6.      Why can a soldier with bad teeth be binned when one with good teeth who cannot pass his APWT be mobilised.  Which is more important teeth or mil skills ?
7.      Who, at high level, makes these short sighted decisions ?

Go on Chilwell, bite – if you have the teeth…..
the teeth are important i cant see why chilweells dents cant fix em though, ive had tooth ache on a civvy expedition i just couldnt carry i can normally look at doing 30 to 40 miles with full kit comfortably in a day(got tooth ache managed 3 miles in 2 hrs had to be casevaced of the pennines, trust me bad teeth in the field whether a war or exercise or even civvy expedition are a definate no no,

SR totally agree with all your other points
I replied to a similar question in another forum.
My thinking for the medical is incase a condition has developed in the TA soldier that his unit is unaware of.

In the regs you attend sick parade and the MO has you records so he pretty much knows if you're in decent nick.

The TA soldier on the other hand calls into work when they're sick (not the unit) and takes the day off to see their civvie doctor.  The doctor is under no obligation to tell the unit if he is unfit for future mobilisation.

It is possible that a condition can occur and be treated by said civvie doctor without the unit ever knowing.  True the individual is meant to inform his unit but they may not for various reasons.  How do I know?  I was that soldier and went from A1, trying to go regular, to C3 cannot join the regs and cannot serve outside the British Isles.

The medical is a way to check that the above scenario has not happened and that said soldier is fit to serve.  The dental exam is the same for the toothache described in the previous post.

So what could that now unfit soldier then do?  Options are retained as an instructor, employed in a training role i.e. range safety or a possible tour in N. Ireland.  said soldier could still be considered FFR if the role bases them in the UK.  I know of one guy who fit into that category.

As for retention in my case never being allowed to do it for real binned my interest and I quit within the year for pastures new.

I was one of the keen guys as well.
What the mobilisation medical does reveal is the wholly inadequate medical support provided to the TA.  If you find out at Chilwell that someone is not up to being deployed then what on earth were you doing paying them to train to do so and take up a slot that someone else could occupy ?

What is needed is regular medicals for TA that actually examine the individual rather than the pathetic PULHEEMS you get at the moment - where if you can walk in unaided you seem to pass automatically.  

Keeping on top of jabs would avoid the 5 in one day pincushions that those going through Chilwell are so familiar with.  And ... oh I can't go on it's too depressing.  
Interesting thought on the TA medical but I think the high turnover would nix that idea.  Same with the jabs.

Of course if someone somewhere was to make decision as to the future role of the TA that would help.  Is it home defense so status quo, alternatively is it short tours and emergency numbers to add to the regular strength.  In the latter case more medical support would be a good thing, as would MTDs and kit.


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Chilwell is looking at Individuals, whereas TA is a Unit/Sub Unit beast.  They do want to look at Soldiers as if they were 19, 'cos that's what they are paid to do.

That said, when my lot went through we were all given plenty of chances to pass - or fail - the medical.  Basically, if you wanted to go, you went.  If not, you didn't.  Guys with dodgy teeth knew this, and some paid big money to sort them out beforehand.  A lot depended on the Doctor doing the med.  The Civvie Med Pracs were generally cool, the (mobilised) Army ones were generally C**ts. Golden rule - never trust a Medic ;)
The undetlying point that arises here is not the full medical but mainly the dental problem.

Regs have full medical cover but TA dont. If you want them to be FFR give them the f***ing facilities to meet the requirements. I'm sick of regs dissing the TA about medicals for mobilisation when the main problem is teeth. All well and good saying go pay for it, when was the last time you regs paid for dental? We have to pay civvie prices for sh*t you get for free, get a grip!

Some people need to quit whinging, dry their eyes and wake up and smell the coffee (any other cliches welcome!)

Don't slag the TA we have nowhere near the benefits the regs have but are expected to be FFR......
If I wanted to go reg I would have, instead I got my degree and a very good job but still wanted to play a part. Hence I joined the TA.

Those in the higher echelons need to look at the TA mobilisation thing - that is what I was getting at.

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