Mobilisation limit

How strange that with supposed 'intelligent mobilisation" when I asked about volunteering for another tour I've been told I can't. Reason I've been told is that as I have about 500 days from the last couple of years on tour I'm now ineligible for another couple of years. Was told you need at least one day of mobilisation to volunteer. Thought this was only for compulsory call out. Have things just changed and they've not told us about this yet?

When there's people getting called up who don't want to go and I want to go but can't where's the sense in that? So am I stuck with the 'no go ' then or can I get round this some way? Would my CO be able to do anything?
This is a new one to me - can't hurt to ask though can it ? I'd be very surprised if anyone would be upset given what you're asking for.
My unit is refusing to allow people to volunteer, they are even fighting mobilisations. They got so many away the unit is struggling to function, on the last weekend only officers, a Cpl and recruits deployed (my unit is in a poor part of town and so FTRS etc lead to better pay for many).
I have the same problem - am out on TELIC 4 just now - looking to do another tour pref in different Theatre - LAND state no can do. Can extend to 5 if can find an LSN or can come back and volunteer to go out on 6, but absolutely no way I can change to different Theatre as have already exceeded all other Theatre limits.

Like the first msg - it makes no sense to me that when they are struggling to fill vacancies, they are turning down willing volunteers.

dont worry if we go into sudan you bet they will be looking for ta to fill that up .ands its got to 100 times worse than iraq :lol:

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