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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by emmsyjay, May 18, 2007.

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  1. I am soon to be mobilised to Iraq and I am wondering if there any recent returnees who can share their tips about it, particularly in relation to recommended kit?


  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    socks. lots and lots of spare socks. t shirts too.
  3. Out in kuwait at the moment the issue boots are shoite however some units have got other types of boot issued (magnum lowa meindl et al) and you can always go to the MO who in most cases will write a chit for a decent set of boots. Apart from that socks t-shirts as above, and some form of entertainment (PSP etc, keep it with you on the flight!) for all the waiting round.

    i'll probably think of a few more........
  4. if your taking your laptop, get a DTV card so that you can watch digital TV.
    U can pick em up for under £30 from places like amazon.
  5. More boots, we only got issued one pair. Not good if your in them every day of a summer tour.
    If you can find some Under Armour T-shirts try them out. I found them great for patroling, better then cotton any way.

    You'll get loads of kit from Chillwell so don't go nuts on buying stuff. Other than a digi camera and a large capacity MP3 player for those sh1t boring duties.
  6. Recommended Kit for Operations

    1.Patrol Kit

    Assault vest:

    a) x2 Torches (handheld and head)
    b) Notebook and pen
    c) Gloves
    d) Emergency Rations
    e) Mess tin / metal mug
    f) First Aid Kit (plasters, alcohol wipes etc)
    g) Leatherman
    h) Watch
    i) Racing spoon
    j) GPS (though not essential)
    k) White mine tape


    a) Basic wash kit (baby wipes, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste etc)
    b) Spare socks
    c) Softie Jacket
    d) AA Batteries
    e) Sleeping bag (lightweight)

    2. Clothing


    a)x1 Set of pressed uniform (keep it spare!)
    b)x2 sets of P.T kit (one in the wash one to wear)
    c)x2 sets of chill out kit (trackies and t-shirts- it’s not a fashion show!)
    d)Socks, socks and more socks (these are essential!)
    e)Several sets of underwear (underarmour heatgear boxers are expensive but awesome in the desert!)

    3. Comfort Items

    a)PSP / Nintendo DS etc (+Games)
    c)Ipod / Portable dvd player
    d)Digital camera / camcorder (for your youtube site!)
    f)Blank re-writeable CD/DVD’s
    g)High capacity flash drive
    h)A small pillow (40 x 20cm max)
    i)An American issue poncho liner (if you have room for it)

    4. Essentials

    a)Shower Gel (6 months worth, the EFI’s a rip-off!)
    c)Shaving gel
    d)Razor blades
    e)Nail clippers
    f)Sun Cream (factor 50!)
    g)Clothing hand washing liquid (for those fast balls when your kits in the dhobi!)
    h)Johnson’s foot powder (your feet will thank you!)
    i)Nappy rash cream (for after those long foot patrols when you’re a little chaffed)
    j)Padlocks x3 (large, medium and small)
    k)U.S Dollars ( for the 1st week or so whilst the pay staff sort themselves out)
    l)Cheque book (if you want any money in theatre this is the only way to get it!)
    m)Spray on deodorant (not antiperspirant!)
    n)Hair clippers (rechargeable mains free are best)
    o)Solar panel battery charger (expensive but means you have a regular supply of batteries and can charge laptops!)
    p)Moisturiser (sounds girlie but is great for dry/sunburnt skin)
    q)Tent tidy (hang it up and store all your loose items safely)
    r)A couple of coat hangers

    5. Top Tips

    a)Don’t be tempted to take too much kit, Chilwell will issue you with x3 sets of uniform which is enough
    b)Don’t take too many sets of civvies, you don’t get that much time off and when you do you’ll just want to relax anyway, trackies and t-shirts are fine
    c)You’ll be given free minutes on the sat-phones each week, these are not secure so trying to tell your loved ones when you’re coming home on R+R is impossible. Before you go away, agree with them a memorable date that’s not a birthday (e.g. st Georges day - 23/04), then if you want to tell your family you’ll be home on June 8th tell them you’ll be home 46 days after “the date” anyone listening in won’t know what date you’re talking about and you’ve not compromised OPSEC, simple!.

    Long winded I know but is a good guide, obviously you'll need to tailor it to you specific role on tour but it gives you a starting point
  7. The hairclippers idea is a good one!

    A mate of mine started his own business in Kabul. He took a pair of heavy duty clippers with him and then put up a sign saying: Coupe no1: 5,-, Coupe no2: 5,- Coupe no.3: 5,-.

    The coupes corresponded with the settings on his clippers, so they really were short, very short and bald.

    He made a nice sum on the side clipping the hair of our company, some Germans and some Brits!
  8. Someone failed to mention a sense of humour.
  9. Under what circumstances?, I've never had a problem with them :?
  10. Well I'm just going by what they say on their website. Perhaps they were thinking of this sort of circumstance:

    That's why polycotton or nylon clothing should always be avoided in favour of cotton. Firemen's gear was traditionally made of the wool for the same reason.

    I suspect a lot of webbing is prone to melting.
  11. lol, I would imagine if I was on fire, my t-shirt melting to me would be the least of my dramas :D
  12. No seriously it is a problem. If you consider a fuel fire like that it will char a cotton garment and melt an artificial one. Think of a melted plastic bag versus a charred cotton handkerchief. Which one will stick to your skin?

    Have a look at this report:

    The RN had to learn this lesson in the Falklands when seamen got bad injuries due to polycotton clothing melting.
    I always understood that tankies were prohibited form wearing lightweight trousers in armoured vehicles even in peacetime for the same reason.
  13. From the news reporting at the time of the incident in the picture, it was stated that the bloke on fire escaped with only minor injuries, does anyone know if that was the case,?

    I find it difficult to see how he could have escaped without serious burns.
  14. No he got away with it. I think by chance most of it went over his helmet and armour.