Mobilisation Kit Question... Be kind!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Do I really need to take everything I've ever been issued when I go the Chilwell?

    Note: WAH free zone :)
  2. I believe from a friend that you get a full issue of kit again, however I would say take everything with you just incase. . .
  3. At this rate I'm going to turn up wearing my 2's ;)
  4. like bollox do you - it will end up sitting there in the way. Everyone gets the same instruction (it's so you don't forget something you might otherwise have needed), however the logistics of this are not quite so sound as you will be issued with 2 full grips full of sandy shiiit! - like to see how you lug all that back home!

    bit of green - CEFO, bergen - you will need the resi though!!
  5. Cheers pace... I was starting to worry about finding "utility Strap no.4 etc"
  6. oh and new green kit too! so just tell me how in 2 weeks will you get through 5 pairs of trousers??? the f'''ing greif it caused all the lads when i went through - people ended up using personal vehicles to take the load of the coaches!!
  7. Nope. You should get a letter telling you what to take in your joining instructions. basically, you'll need the same sort of kit you need for a full set of MATTS - remember you'll be there for a couple of weeks. Couple of sets of C95, full PLCE though & resi, plenty of gym kit. Shouldn't need to take your lid as you'll get a 6A issued (take your green cover though).

    They don't like you wearing your desert kit while you're there.
  8. My papers say "take everything"......
  9. In short no.

    Take your bergen (For CFT) and sleeping system unless you take a duvet. Take a daysack for the range package/s. PT kit. Civvies as per how much you like to go out (Plenty of opportunity in the evenings). Shoes for in town if you plan to frequent some clubs.

    Two sets of greens will be plenty. Most Op related kit you will be issued. You will leave with RTMC with plenty of kit and if there is 2 or 3 of you in a hire vehicle space is at a premium.

    Oh yeah webbing, this is quite important :wink: As idrach says as per most MATTS weekends.
  10. Is this v new? I know Reg Reserve got a re-issue but TA were expected to turn up fairly fully loaded.
  11. so did mine! Gaiters what you going to use them for then???
  12. HA!!! I've still never worked out how they go on!

    Cheers chaps.... :D
  13. I think we are all assuming here that you are mobbing to go on Herrick ...

    If you are mounting for FTRS or mobbing somewhere where you'll be wearing green, this advice might not be perfect.

    Also, some people may be going directly from RTMC to Brize without a trip home to dump unnecessary green kit ... This will clearly change what you take with you. Remember there is no car-parking at Brize now (at least officially) because of the new accom builds going on.
  14. PM Inbound!!