Mobilisation jobs list?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sticky, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if there is a centralised jobs list for vacancies on op tours, and any relevant contact numbers.

    Have already looked at these pages

    And aside from being out of date, if you phone the numbers listed you just get told to go through your C of C who seem to know nothing, as per usual.

    Have been told that theres someone at chillwell who deals as well, Any info appreciated!
  2. have a look on the armynet opportunities list
    Edited to add: your best bet would be to ask through c of c, if they dont have a clue, then they should find out so ask them to do that for you (its their job).
    If you still have no luck with them go above their head!
  3. Hve done mate on the listed above its out of date, and the RAOL is mostly ruperts
  4. best bet is to lay the smackdown on whoever is next in your chain of command then, if you want to know what slots are available then they should be finding out for you.
  5. MY CofC = ***** mate, psi is good, the rest well.. not interested as "we're a uk ops regiment don't you know....."

    somehow after 3 years of trying managed to get out to Telic last year INF roled (i'm sigs)
  6. There's a trip to Cyprus coming up shortly sticky, don't know if all the slots are filled, might be a bit late but you could always contact 32 sigs and ask?