Mobilisation Imminent

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SilverBullet, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    It's been a while since i walked these hallowed halls but advice is needed so anything you can add would be gratefully rx'd.

    I'll start by saying that there is probably volumes of info on this stuff on here so apologies for my idleness (and to be honest a lack of knowledge on how to search).

    I have been given the nod by Glasgow that I am to be mob'd and I should be rx'ing all the docs by post in the next few weeks. I have sketchy details at the moment but I can say that the deployment will be out on HERRICK and the Dep date is early September.

    Can anyone please advise me on what I may expect next in terms of obligations to attend Medicals etc, what/when would OPTAG take place and what that would involve (I'm a non-inf Capt.). Additional info that would help would be gratefully rx'd as of course at this stage I don't know what I don't know...

    Someof my concerns are what do I do with things like my car, my flat (I will rent it out of course but is there anything I need to tell my Mortgage Lender) etc. Best way to break the news to employers etc...

    Just a thought but perhaps a general sticky on this subject on the Just TA forum might be useful.

    PM me if there are any PERSEC/OPSEC issues.


  2. Are you really an officer?????
    Surely if you are you posses the 'minerals' to find out all the above stuff yourself.....
    TBH you sound like some spotty 18 yr old recruit who needs to be told how to tie his laces.... :roll:
  3. Medical, dental etc will happen in the first three days at RTMC - you will not be accepted into service until you have passed these. OPTAG will happen afterwards - if you are going as an augmentee expect 4 days of very dull presentations and not a lot else.

    Plenty of mobilsation and RTMC stuff on these forums, just have a go with the search function which does not exactly require the brains of an Archbishop, and all will will be magically revealed......
  4. Thanks W4nktw4t (or whatever),

    Actually using the search function as suggested by the previous poster also enables you to search other users posts, which is especially enlightening. Your previous posts suggest quite a lot about your character which is unsavoury, so before leaping down a fella's throat with a juvenile 'flaming' you might want to consider what drivel you may yourself have posted and how accessible that may be to the community.

    Also, before trying to look tough in front of the other kiddies on the Forum you might want to learn the right terminology... I would use my 'Brains' to find out 'Stuff' on the forum. My 'Minerals' I would use for something completely different, just ask your missus.

    Cheerio old chap.

  5. msr

    msr LE

    I hope you are going to be honest with them...

  6. Calm down calm down, blimey its only the internet fella, but what do you expect when you come on here asking 'bone' questions.
    'Minerals' as in actually having the 'balls' to go and ask you PSAO/ PSI/ fellow TA soldiers/officers face to face, who have previously deployed what to expect at Chilwell.
    As for 'How do I break the news to my employers', 'What do I do with my car'. Well I know why don't you go on the net and ask a bunch of complete strangers / arrsers how to run your life/admin.....
    I strongly suspect you are full of the smelly stuff, seeing as previous posts of yours include gems such as 'How much is my bounty'.. Something that anyone who's ever been in a TAC will know , EVERY body knows exactly what the bounty is paying out for them...
    If you toddle of to the Q he might issue you some common sense so you can get your life in order. :roll: :roll:
  7. Speak to your old 2IC, I believe he's on Herrick :wink:
  8. PM winging it's way to you SB. Hope you can read my writing.

  9. Our mate yamkwak may be a touch aggressive but he's got a point - you may just have to lead soldiers into the teeth of battle and a bit of initiative would be nice. FWIW, rent out your flat, inform your lender, and leave your car with Mum and Dad. Easy.
  10. Cheers MSR... I certainly will. I've been intimating that a tour may be on the cards this year. My employer operates within the Public Sector so I'm sure, while no doubt they will not want to lose an asset, they will be supportive.

    In fact, my PA is out in A'stan at the moment with the RAF Reserves (no doubt filing her nails, reading Hello on the Internet and going for a fag break every 15 minutes...) Boy do I miss her lol!

  11. Thanks to CC_TA for his excellent PM, and also White Horse for the lead (I'd forgotten about the location change!). I'll make that call today.


  12. msr

    msr LE

  13. :?
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Are you in a medical unit?