Mobilisation for the Self-Employed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blueorchid, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I'd like to hear the views and experiences of those who are self-employed, free-lance contractors and have undertaken or are contemplating mobilised service. What sort of issues have you faced financially, legally, keeping in touch with contacts to ensure you can continue your line of work/business on your return,etc?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Don't volunteer.

  3. Journo alert. :roll:

  4. MSR - that so you will have the right to appeal against yourself being mobilised?? would have thought that was pretty obvious if you didn't want to go, but working on the assumption that the question was asked for constructive answers.....

    Firstly have you checked out the SABRE website?

    It all depends on the nature of your business, do you work alone or do you employ others/ in a partnership?

    Can you trust your subordinates to continue running the business in your abscence?
    Is your partner able to cope with the double workload alone?

    financially and legally - not really much to be said here without knowing the answers to the above but as for all mobilisation you will have the right to apply for your army pay to be made up to the same level as you currently earn but you will need certified accounts to prove your earnings (I think it is two financial years worth off the top of my head but don't quote me). You can also have other factors taken into account such as wife having to give up work to look after kids etc etc etc all explained far better on the sabre website

    Legally you have the rights of both an employee and an employer so your business can apply for grants to cover the extra costs of replacing you while your away, again explained far better by sabre.

    The most difficult part is your last point about maintaining business contacts whiel away -

    basically forget it,

    you will possibly (If in a main operating base) have limited access to paradigm facilities - phones and internet, my experience was TELIC4 with 20 min free phone call home each week and usually access to an internet terminal for 30 mins every other day. You can purchase extra top up cards for the phones but it's all dependant on you being in a location with the set up or with access to a sat phone - which eats the pay as you go credits like nobody's business (but you still get 20 mins free a week)

    and it's also all dependent on the generators not breaking down, the locals not getting excited and lobbing mortars into the facilities, and a lockdown whenever there is a comms blackout for OPSEC reasons.

    hope that helps a bit.

  5. Humph: Cheers for that! No, never thought to look at SABRE, I considered as I'm on my own it wouldn't relate but I will check it out. I have been made aware of the financial side with the new ruling for making up the difference in earnings so long as I have proof. I'm not going to be greedy but I'll obviously have some outgoings related to the business and my related lifestyle that I can't just stop paying out on. Regards my contacts, I s'pose I'll have to keep e-mailing them jokes to remind them I still exist!
    Are you merely quoting from regulations & JSPs or have you personal experience of balancing business and TA life Humph?

    MSR: One of the main reasons I joined the TA was to be mobilised at some point but I was employed then. Circumstances changed and I am taking the opportunity to make some mega-bucks. I know I can plan my contracts with short-term tasks but, as Humph nailed it, the hardest part is keeping in touch so that I don't miss out when I return to contracting.

    and Corn:dunno how I came across as a 'Journo'!!! Sorry to disapoint you mate but I'm a Project Manager. I s'pose you'll say that's even worse! ;-)

    ALSO, just thought...I have to submit CVs to agencies for work...will I look unemployable if I've got what appears to be a gap of 6-9 months from my industry? Mmmm, it's a bit of a dilemma, a bit of a risk, but I just want to go and do something for a bit as soon as possible. I've only just finished my trade training so I'm still really keen and not despondent like everyone else I meet who's been in 10 years+. However, I'm not that young so I wanna get on with my TA career asap. Am I rambling now?...

  6. It depends what you mobilise as now doesn't it, if you're an Officer or SNCO there may well be some project management style engagements anyway, all be it with the added pressure of a military environment and excitable locals..
  7. msr

    msr LE

    No. you just have to dress up what you did on your tour in civilian terms. Plus it gives you something 'interesting' to talk about at interview.

  8. Too right, I used to be a QS. :oops:
    Glad to see you're not a journo though & 9 months isn't that bad: That's what CV massage is for after all...

    Corn. :)
  9. If you are PAYEing all of your invoice value then you should get the support package because you can show pay slips and a P60 with a big wedge in it from last year. If you are using a IoM/CI trust or any other tax avoidance scheme then you will not get the compensation wedge, so if you are likely to volunteer for a tour, make sure you understand the documentation requirements from Chilwell so that you can end up as a £300 Pte and not a £32 a day Pte (Rank used for example).
  10. oops. :?
    ah well, the way my freelance career is going at the mo', I'd probably make more out on ops anyway.
  11. :!: :eek: 8O :? :( :? :!: Oooh, palpitations...time to speak with my Accountant methinks...