Mobilisation for self-employed / contractors

First of all I want to apologise for asking a question that probably has already been covered in this forum (haven’t work out how to do a search).

I am in the RNR and have been asked if I would be available to be mobilised for Op HERRICK. The RNR are carrying out “intelligent mobilisation” whereby they take those who want to go and whose work circumstances allow it. I want to go but I am concerned as I am a contractor and have not been able to get a straight answer as to how MOD deals with contractors / self-employed individuals. All the money I earn is paid through my limited company and as such I don’t have a wage with which to provide a P60 as proof of income. I have already posted this question in Rum Ration but as the TA is a much bigger organisation so there should be a greater pool of knowledge.

Thanking you in advance.
Your company accounts will be just as good - just expect to take a long time getting processed. Probably worth while to get a good accountant to go through your books first.

Some self-employed do well out of the system, others get shafted.


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I'm a self-employed/sole trader and I was mobilised for, and served on, Telic 7. As with the advice above, I'd recommed that you take along your company books and tax returns for the last couple of years. I try damn hard to make a net 'loss' every year as part of my one man jihad to deprive Gordon Brown of as much of my filthy lucre as is possible. A tactic that bit me in the arrse at Chilwell.

You shouldn't have a problem matching your earnings if you have the paperwork (tax returns in lieu of P60s). There were a fair amount of sole-traders/contractors etc on my cadre and I didn't hear of anyone having a horror story. The key did seem to be to bring as much documentation along as possible. Good luck mate!
There is another down-side for small contractors/ one-man bands. You may have built up a good clientele. Being out of the scene for a year could well result in your regular clients finding alternative traders.

If you've got regular customers, it may be an idea to let them know what you're doing and send them the odd bluey while you're away, just so they don't forget you.
You've just got to weigh up what you gain and what you loose before deciding....It would be nice to find out the exact financial situation before you pack away your life for X number of months.

Its nice to "do the job you're trained for" and "Give something back" but Iraq is a sh_t hole, if they can't legally put down in writing you financial terms Feck em I say

There will be others who will volunteer to go and they will take them instead.

I was setting up a limited company and got a possibility of an Iraq trip, a wise man said to me, get your own sh_t together and look after your family and business, Iraq's a mess, its going to be long and there will be plenty of chances to get out there

He was right and I've spent plenty of time out there and Afghanistan in recent years.

No ones going to send white feathers through the post.

Its a personal choice, a chap on another thread wants to knock off Uni for a year and mobilise!!! you are all feckin bonkers
PS anything relating to money in/money out can be supplied by your accountant, just make sure they are on side and realise what is required!!!

For the tax man you should be earning feck all but for the mob you should be a high flyer

I've been seen off by an account who didn't believe in even vaguely creative accounting and didn't appear to have any common dog, needless to say she was given the heave ho and a more onside number juggler was found

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