Mobilisation and Reservist Award

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wg100, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. Before some smart-alec tells me to ask the PSI/PSAO or call the RAO Dept at Chilwell, I will be calling them (Chilwell) on Monday. I'm trying to find an answer sooner, rather than dwelling on the subject all weekend.

    Having just received my mobilisation papers, can someone explain how I go about proving my earnings to be entitled to a reservist award if I've just started a job? I started this week, but luckily the employer is very forces friendly. They are willing to write whatever letter is required to support my claim, but I'll have no P60/P45 to prove what I've earnt and no way apart from the employer writing a letter, to prove what I will earn. With combined TA/Civvy earnings I would be earning over what I'd earn just with my mobilised pay.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Relax. Enjoy your weekend. Worry about it on Monday.

  3. Then ask your PSI?
  4. Letter from employer worked fine for me. I hadn't actually started but would have that Monday if not for the mobilisation. The letter should include details of pay and allowances, date started and confirmation of what is happening to your work pension (suspended, continuing - they're paying, continuing - they want MoD to pay). If you have any details from a previous employment, take them too.

    PM if you need more info - I've been through Chilwell far too often ...

    Note to the usual suspects - when did your PSI last mobilise? :?
  5. Not too sure if you'll have any joy having only just started work there. Does your boss have a fax? Let him know that you might need some info sending over and ask him to fax any info RTMC might need.

    Good luck!
  6. Only to add - they are perfectly happy to make a note on your file and receive paperwork from home or employer later. I actually sent the relevant tomes in after I demobbed for one short-notice (short) trip.

    And echo the 'Good Luck'.
  7. I've already given my boss the heads up and he's happy to do whatever is required.

    I'll be taking MSRs advice on this, as I can't change anything between now and Monday. Doesn't stop my mind racing through everything I need to sort out between now and deploying - I've got my flight date and it's all too soon!!
  8. Take as many pay slips as you have.

    Also take a letter from from boss with your salary on it.

    Chilwell can call your boss too....

    As long as your not on a billion pounds per year they main man will sign it off...

    Don't forget to clain for your "gardener" lol
  9. Just take a copy of your contract - it'll say what your basic salary would have been. Also get your boss to write a letter explaining that your job involves shift work so, what with nights and weekends, your take-home would be 50% more than what your contract says. ;)