Mobilisation and bounty

I was mobilised on May 29th 2011 that mobilisation will obviously end For the troops who deployed to herrick 15 May 29th 2012. Will these troops Be entitled to Bounty whilst mobilised. Do MATTS completed by chilwell/regular unit count.

I was injured out in afghanistan during the deployment and i will be kept mobilised far beyond may 29th 2012 untill i am fit to return to service. That could take me even into next year, will i be able to qualify for my bounty the year i was mobilised for the tour.

I know its a bit tedious and troops do recieve there op allowance when they return to the uk but and extra bit of cash on top would be very nice, i can also remember someone at chilwell saying mobilising would qualify us.

Sorry if its been asked already i couldnt find an up to date thread on the subject.
Simple answer is if you qualify for MATTS in that training year and get the required amounts of days in as a "TA" soldier then you will qualifiy.

However being mobilised does not count for out of camp days :)

In your situation did you qualify for bounty, prior to May 29th i.e did you get your 29 days in prior to becoming a Regular?

However the TA pay you put in during the pay stage at Chilwell will have included the bounty from the previous year.

Next you'll want the moon on a stick :)

I'd speak nicely to someone at you parent unit at the end its your CO that signs it off :)
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