Mobilisation aeromed from theatre and medical demobilisation.

Right I'll keep this brief and just hoping someone has any experience of this. Yes I've searched and found a couple of examples(pm sent to individuals). Checked JSP 753 and TA Regs and AGAI chapter 49/61. Not really clear. JSP 753 makes reference to JSP 751 Chapter 2 but I can't find that document?

Mobilised,H18, into theatre then injured (NBI), into Role 3 and Aeromed out back to UK and RTMC, placed on DTC nominal role and Doctor at RTMC gave me home sick leave to recover and advised see own GP.

Went home saw GP (who is a star), she referred me immediatley to specialist, who saw me within a week arranged MRI scan and re saw him today. I now need an Op, Arthroscopy, due to cartilage tear in knee. Op date sorted for start of next month. My GP and specialist have been amazing.
My concern is I'm due for med review at RTMC, can they medically discharge/demobilize me back to civ div?.

I simply cannot tip up back to civvy employer with a crock knee as I am required to be as fit for them as I am for Army service!
I know some on here have been demobilized due to long standing and serious injury but I should be fit and well 2 months max after Op.
Anyone any experience or can point me to the definitive documents for reference as I've said I've trawled through Army Net and JSP's etc but nothing appears to be clear!
Some may say, contact RTMC and ask but I'm back there next week and I want to be prepared. To be fair they have been very good with me since I returned from Theatre.
Got my answer at RTMC on Monday gone, if anybody ends up in the same boat PM me and I will gen you up on procedure. Cheers.
I'll briefly report what happened to me, remembering obviously each case is different!

saw RMO for med review taking along letter from specialist detailing injury and proposed treatment (operation) and likely prognosis. Now RMO is under pressure to downgrade me also stated that the injury is likely to mean I am medically discharged from Service completely. Obviously I'm not happy over that, but RMO has kept my med grading as it is at the moment and will review in a month once I've had operation and commenced physio. To be fair he has been quite open and above board with me and he could have downgraded me there and then. I explained how my civvy career required me to be physically fit and he assured me I would remain mobilized until fully fit.... phew!!!!
I have not yet checked PAP10 to see what is detailed there.

Also saw DTC Warrant for a WISMIS and he explained to me it is entirely down to the RMO ie medics when and if I am discharged from service. Obviously the RMO is holding off to see if I can recover to maintain my med grading?
So basically thats where I am at the moment, case of have op and see how rehab goes.
As I've stated if anyone else ends up in similiar position PM as I know what it feels like, DTC have been really good and J1 cell excellent so no complaints about RTMC (yet ;-))
Great to hear!

I know that the Med Support at RTMC changes like anything else - but glad to hear that some sensible MO's are supporting the troops both inside and outside of Theatre

Hope you get well soon :)
Thanks, I know I've probably been a bit lucky and its hit and miss at RTMC med wise. There is obviously pressure from higher up to reduce the troops who are on the sick?
All I can say is I've been treated ok, however it should be noted all my treatment , at a private hospital, was arranged via my civvy GP and the op at a private hospital is being paid for by the PCT. So it will be different for someone who lives elsewhere?
Like I said if anyone else needs advice let me know. ;-)
You can also present a case for welfare & if it's good you can work out your time at RTMC.

That was from a mate.
I didn't know that but will bear in mind my mob contract runs to November anyway, so once fit, fingers crossed, will try and sort out remaining in green to complete contract. !
Have you asked about getting on a lower limbs program at Headley Court? You'll not get better rehab anywhere else.

Just don't come down to Complex Trauma with your poorly knee.
Have you asked about getting on a lower limbs program at Headley Court? You'll not get better rehab anywhere else.

Just don't come down to Complex Trauma with your poorly knee.
I didn't know about that mate, I'll ask at next med review but I suspect they will keep me doing pyhsio at RTMC?
Know what you mean about poorly knee, felt a right **** in Role 3 hobbling round and there's some seriously injured lads in there!
Nevertheless, you still have a substantial injury and you need to be looked after properly. RTMC simply does not have the facilities to get you there.

At HC you have the hydro pool and H4H pool, there's an aqua runner and reduced G runners that get the lower limbs moving again without full impact. There are physios, ERIs and OTs who specialise in this stuff, not to mention the consultants who's day to day job is looking after the injured within their team.

They also have x-ray and other imagery facilities there now, so you don't have to bugger off for hours at a time waiting in a hospital.
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