Mobiles whilst driving

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by no1cares, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. yes but did you see the test the journo's were doing...

    with a hands free set, driving on a simulator whilst being asked ******** questions...a la.. "man a is thinner than his brother man b, who is the fatter brother?" I mean ferchrissakes who actually does verbal tests on their mobile whilst driving... or they had a copper sat there next to a journo asking stupid questions whilst she was having a mobile conversation (stationary though)

    if you drive and conduct pathetic unrealistic tests over the phone you deserve to die in a massive pile up... and the next time I see a copper alone in his car with his hand on his radio I am going to shop him
  2. Bizarrely, radios are exempt. Even if they weren't, I doubt the police would do anything, just as they do nothing about police cars speeding when not on an emergency, or parking on double yellows etc.
  3. bugger! are they? fecking typical isnt it!!
  4. As you tear up the M-something as you've just been through miles of roadworks and are feeling a bit frustrated you spot a car in the middle lane of the empty motorway. The car weaves and is probably doing more than 50mph, is the driver:

    1. On the phone?
    2. Arguing with wife?
    3. Being puked on by a small child?
    4. Wishing he/she hadn't fed the dog before setting off?
    5. Old though a knitted toilet roll cover should answer that?
    6. Foreign?
    7. Lost?
    8. Lost and foreign?
    9. Admiring the view?
    10. A rep doing that report that should have been in yesterday?
    11. Trying to set the language of the Sat Nav to English rather than Norwegian?
    12. A prat?
    13. A registered blind person?
    14. Watching the fuel consumption but watching just a bit too much?
    15. Wondering what THAT button does?

    I'm sure you can all think of others but that's why it's so hard to police and talking of the police, they're sat in the nearest service station as it's time for a compulsory meal break.
  5. They say that they had to up the punishment as "too many people were using their mobiles".

    Its a pity they dont feel this way on other crimes........
  6. 16. Wiping ice cream off his trousers
    17.Opening a sandwich carton that has been cryogenically frozen shut
    18.A Master Driver...oops!
  7. 19. An off duty policeman?
  8. 20.Jeremy Clarkson
  9. Great. So people who wilfully break the law and endanger others are to be punished in a slightly less trivial fashion?

    I've lost count of the number of idiotic and just plain bloody dangerous maneouvres I've seen pulled in front of police cars which are completely ignored by Plod. And don't even mention the chaos caused by illegal parking or this whole "right to drive" mentality people seem to have these days. We need a spot of zero tolerance policing on our roads to sort out the idiots who don't think the things they were tested on have any relevance once they get their licence.

    Arrest them, impound the vehicle (making them financially responsible to the owner if it's not theirs) and remove their licence until they can pass another test. At their own expense.

    Disadvantage them, will it? They need their cars for their work, do they?

    Yes. That's the whole point. Rant complete, over.

    And f*ck Clarkson while we're at it. Pity that rocket car wasn't a tandem. Rant late 15, over.
  10. 21. Brian Blessed
    22. John Noakes
    23. Marina Man or whatever they drive nowadays. Possibly even a very old Marina.
    24. Michael Winner. "Calm down I'm only weaving"
  11. 25. Wayne Rooney and an elderly..ahem.."supporter"
    26. Rory Bremner...or is it?
  12. Some Radio HAM fella was on radio 2 earlier. According to him the Police have fined him many times already for using his mobile whilst driving but because he has a HAM (licence?) he is exempt.

    Section 20 of something or other.

    If this is true are any trained Rad Sys Ops exempt as well?

    Surely a YofS is if any old HAM types are.......
  13. Feck it I am going to buy a fecking big old walkie talky....dig the innards out and glue my mobile in... and I have a CAA radio operators license.... so there you go plod!!...nah nah nana nah

    or i'll just use it hands free like i do anyhow!!
  14. 29. Stevie Wonder