Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by AT55, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. I recently bought a hand held GPS on the interweb but it went tits up after a couple of days so I managed to get my money back. The model I bought had a 1:50 000 Ordnance Survey map display that showed exactly where you were and the track you had just walked. If I wanted to delve into it an open the instruction book, I believe I could plot way points and lots of other techy things. All I wanted it for was to ensure I was in the right place and not on someone’s land I shouldn’t be on. I don’t want to use it in the Alps, the Lakes, wild Scotland or on the border between North and South Korea. In fact most of my walking will probably be within Essex with the odd excursion into darkest Suffolk. I have since found out that you can install a GPS app on smart ‘phones. I don’t have one. In fact my mobile is so old that the numbers on the keys are Roman numerals. Does anyone have experience of using GPS apps on their mobile especially an app that displays the route etc on a rolling Ordnance Survey map?

    Not knowing much about smart ‘phones I was wondering if I got a second hand one from "a bloke in a pub" and download an app on to it, do I have to have it connected to a network. In other words do I have to have it connected to a network for the apps to work?
  2. Nearly all smart phones have gps in them. In Android phones, the gps chip is used by Goggle Maps - and any other application/app that you install. Google Maps is of course free, and it works extremely well. Although, IIRC, you have to pay for something to overlay Ordnance Survey, the basic Google Maps is very accurate with its supplied layers - street maps, satellite view.

    Maybe go to a mobile shop and ask for a demo of Google Maps in something like a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note. Then you can see for yourself the level of detail, and whether it suits you.

    Of course Android tablets give you the same on a bigger screen.

    I live in Kazakhstan, and i do mountain walking/climbing in the Tien Shan mountain range. There are almost no Ordnance-style maps available, so I use my phone and tablet to confirm my location. I get a Google maps result accurate down to just a few metres.
  3. There's an android app called Memory Map which you may want to Google.
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  4. Google maps is excellent and you can toggle between map or sattelite view. It's great for me as a lorry driver to look for delivery points. I also use it as part of a geocaching app which keeps me on the right path when in the sticks.
    I use it on a Samsung galaxy note2 with android but I think most samsung galaxy smartphones have it as part of the android system.
    Get a decent data bundle as maps do tend to munch through it.

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  5. One point you are all missing. The battery on my iPhone 5 won't last long if you are using maps. I've got apple ones and google maps. It's fine for checking something, but I'd never trust it to get me home. My blackberry was the same. The fact is the big sexy screen eats the batteries. So just pay the 4 quid for a propper map.
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  6. I get 8+ hours of live Google Maps out of my Samsung phone & tablet - even with all the "locations services" (GPS, mobile, wifi) switched on. I thought Apple and Samsung products were much the same at the circuit board level?
  7. I used paper maps and a compass but I tend to have my phone on me when I am out and about on the North York Moors. It has proved to be an accurate check navigator.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I use Motion X GPS on the iPhone 5 for walking/running/cycling/boating in the lakes.

    It's a couple of quid but well worth it, you download an OS type map (or road map or air/maritime chart, depending on your requirements) of the area you're going to, so even if you have no internet/phone signal it still works.

    It's very accurate and full of gucci little features, when I go running it calls out my time every half mile so I know whether I need to speed up. It also plots your route, tells you how much altitude you've gained/covered etc. I think there is even a calorie counter.

    MotionX® | MotionX News » MotionX-GPS

    I would say it's only let down is the phone itself, for excursions over two days, you'll need to start thinking about conserving battery life on the phone, where as a proper GPS battery would last a lot longer.

    I'd also get a manly case too, last thing you want is to drop your expensive iPhone in a puddle on top of a mountain.

    This one is good:

    Survivor with Belt Clip for iPhone 5 | Griffin Technology
  9. A very interesting and useful post .

    Made a few notes this morning and have now downloaded the App ... created an account and then downloaded a 1:25000 OS Map ... all for free . I have a Garmin Etrex Legend HCx but without maps which I believe to be far too expensive ... I have many favourite walks programmed in as routes .

    I am out for a low level walk in Northumberland tomorrow and shall give my Samsung Galaxy a trial with this new App and map ... I shall still take compass and paper map ... old school .

    Edited to add ...not totally free .... Account Holders are initially allowed to download a certain number of OS Maps free and then have to pay ... fortunately I downloaded enough for two of my favourite walks before I ran out of credit ... and then ~£8 per map .

    I shall check battery and download useage .
  10. Just downloaded Motion X the reviews on App store are raving about it.

    I have an Iphone 4 with a survivor case and it has done exactly what it says on the tin even if it is a little bulky.
  11. gvSig mini maps for Android gives you free access to OS maps which you can use offline.
  12. Google Maps on the Android also provides a vitally important pub locator.
  13. Os maps on the iPhone cost a few notes but are bloody accurate
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  14. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's mega, I used to have it on the 4 too.

    Once you get your head around it, it's so versatile. Better than any other GPS I've ever used.

    Coupled with the Survivor case it turns your phone into a top end piece of kit.

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