Mobiles and Germany

Hi lads,

I know this isnt really for this forum, but as an Ex REME WO who left in 2007, I thought this was the best place.
My son has just moved to Gutersloh and Im trying to find out the crack with mobile deals.
His UK T Mobile one is cancelled, so hes trying to find the best one for him from a german provider so he can ring, text and get some web access.

Any ideas?

Most German contract phones require a 24 month contract. If he already has the handset, a sim-card with a German number will cost very little and may be free on pay-as-you-go.
Otello isn't a bad PAYG set up. 9c per minute for calls to UK landlines. SSVC shops in Germany sell the sim card and phone, all in for about Eu30.
Make sure he does not touch the german contracts they are awful. I got screwed out o a few grand and i could not cancel my contract and had to pay for it for a further 13 months and never even had it turned on. Alot of the guys are on english contracts and it works out cheaper. I think vodafone have a holiday option where its free texts and really cheap calls to the uk. If he choses to use the phone boxes you can normally get phone cards for 10 euro and it gives you about 40 minutes back to the uk.

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