englishman, scotsman and irishman on a train carriage, when they hear a hone ringing. The English guy puts his hand to his face and has a long conversation.
When he finishes the irish says whats going on
well says the Englishman, I'm an important man so they have put a receiver in my thumb and speaker in my pinkie so they can contact me anytime. marvellous says paddy.
30 mins later another phone is heard, the scottish guy starts speaking, with his arms folded. when he finishes paddy says whats going on?
well says Jock, i'm even more important than he is and HQ put a speaker in one of my fillings and the receiver behind my ear, they can get me 24-7
marvellous says paddy.

An hour later Paddy stands up and squeezing tightly lets rip an enpurmous fart,
The other tow start to complain and Paddy says,

hang on now, i think there's a fax coming through !

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