Mobile Theme - Very beta - feedback please

We've just added a mobile theme which *should* automatically appear for mobile device users (go back to the full version in the footer). Anyone can use the theme by selecting it in a box on the bottom left of every page. It's very new and decidedly beta. I'm not sure if we're going to use it or not yet. Feedback please!
BTW, known issues so far are:

- Front page U/S
- difficulty in navigating up the chain of forums - breadcrumb needed
- no post edit
will you be updating the Gucci colours on the iPhone the. Same as the mobile. Option please
If it pleases you Chubb, I hope not.
Seems much quicker and much slicker.
Browsing Arrse on the phone has always been a bit sluggish, new version seems to make it a lot easier
Thanks for the feedback. I also like it on an Android phone although the lack of navigation up the chain from thread to sub-forum to forum is irritating. I'll see how many people we get who have a negative experience with it, and there will be some because mobile browsers are so varied, and we'll decide whether to run with it or wait for an improved version.
I am in need of some help. I was messing about with the settings and I managed to get the Mobile Theme up, but on my PC......and for the life of me I can't put it back to normal. Could you fellas reset my settings or let me know how I can get back to normal? Thanks.
Sorted for you - for everyone else there is a link to do it at the bottom of every page
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