Mobile tethering -v- Mifi

Now that I have more freedom and still wish to access t'web with my tablet I was wondering what would be the better method ? I have to use the tablet as its adapted for me.
I have no knowledge of tethering of these mifi things , so liooking for suggestions / recomendations


I swear by a mobile dongle. Vodafone and others sell them. Mine it pay as you go. Just switch on then link as you would do for any o5her Wi-Fi network.


Although you can use any Android device as a mobile hotspot, it does tend to run the battery down - inconvenient to have your mobile or tablet plugged in for much of the time.

For this reason I recently bought a Huwai Mifi box/thing, and put an EE PAYG data sim in there. It doesn't matter if thats left plugged in whilst sat on a shelf or something.

I have to say that this PAYG 4G sim is currently giving far better quality internet connection than my Virgin Media cable!
Having sacked TalkTalk, we get a few thousand minutes and texts plus 30GB data every month for £25. Never used them all up, but Hotspot Wi-Fi tethering works on a decent android phone, where there's a good signal. The account works on roaming abroad with a reasonable data limit. Two or three devices (incl tablets) at home run off one phone Hotspot at decent speeds. Not had a drop-out nor throttling for a couple of years. For fixed reliable internet feeds we still have a router on contract. There are Youtube vids, search Using Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Yes it does run the phone battery down, so maybe the Huwai Mifi box thing is a better option.

Pay as you go broadband - what can I get?
Thanks to you all, looks like the mifi + data only SIM route

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