Mobile telephones

Chaps, Mobile phones (contract not pay n go)

In addition any mobile Broadband kit can be provided at more than competitive prices and although I can't offer a discount on prices or line rental I can promise to give at least 30 quid per connection to the 'Begging bowl'

We know the begging bowl is a collection through arrse to get injured servicemen much needed and deserved holidays and also act as a QRF when perhaps SSAFA and RBL can't act fast enough.

PM me with your mobile needs
Not to step on MDN's shoes, but I've just found out that all forces personnel and 5 of their friends or family are eligible for a 10% discount on new contracts at Orange shops.

Would have helped me when I got a contract out 9 months ago.

But, as always, get in touch with MDN first, their needs are greater than yours.

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