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The great gods in the every confused APC have posted me off to sunny Osnabruck in Sept for 2 years. Having never been to the Vaderland (and possessing a girlfriend that wants a lovey duvey phone call every night!!) is there anyone out there who can give me some advice on how to avoid the huge mobile bills that are soon to be run up? :?:

(The obvious answer of dump the chick and get a german teacher are unfortunately not an option at this early stage!!!!!
Don't take your UK registered mobile phone over as you will get billed the extra when someone calls you from the UK. ie they pay for a standard call and you pay the difference for the mobile being in Germany. Mobiles are easy enough to pick up over there anyway. See if you can get on one of the call back schemes that circulate. Tele 2000 used to be one but it's been a while so not up to speed. Basically you register with them and when you want to make a call to the uk you ring a specific number registered to you. Let it ring a couple of times then hang up. The phone company rings you back on the number you registered with them and you just dial the number and chat to ya chick. You will get a monthly bill from the phone company to cover the cost of the calls. But remember not to use it whilst you are in UK or your German Mobile company will bill your arse off for overseas calls.
1. Get yourself broadband access in Germany, either in your accommodation or at a wifi hotspot using a laptop/pocket pc.
2. Then download and run one of BT Communicator (if you have a UK BT account) through, or Skype through (paid by credit card directly on the net, and cheaper than BT).

Result is calls to/from UK for a penny or so a minute (landlines) or 16/35p per min (mobiles, via Skype/BT respectively - actual cost depends on the mobile company you call). I've used both and they are simple and reliable.
You can pick up a German sim card very cheaply. The blokes already there will be able to tell you what company is offering the best deals.

But get your UK handset unlocked and take it with you. Then change the sim once your there. Germany handsets can be quite expensive for a decent one.

my wife picked up a decent enough nokia for 29 euro (20.50) with 10 euro (7 quid) credit on it last week. if you get a phone line put ion as most singlies do now dial 0181 before the number and it costs about 2 cents a min 1.4p).
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