Mobile Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Berlin_104s, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. I was travelling along the motorway this morning and saw one of those mobile speed cameras fitted into a van parked on a bridge above the opposite carriageway. I got to wondering how this type of camera judges the speed at which a particular vehicle is travelling when there are no calibration marks painted onto the carriageway, as there are for fixed cameras. Also how does it differentiate between traffic travelling at different speeds in adjacent lanes? My own personal opinion is that they allocate a random speed in excess of the speed limit to each snap and send out the fine regardless, banking on people paying the fixed penalty because they don't want the hassle of a court appearance! Does anyone know the answer, or have any decent conspiracy theories?

  2. There was a liveleak video of a mobile camera which was hidden as a horsebox in North Wales but i'd like to hope that was a April Fools!

    I would assume that a mobile camera takes two laser readings between a set time and makes an calculation from that, and then takes a photograph as you get close enough to the damn thing to make your face visible.
  3. Aren't some of the cameras on bridges etc, for checking VED etc.
    This might seem like a numb question but how do the average speed cameras work. I tootle along at 40 or 50mph and other vehs scream by.
  4. Some vans have the APNR and some are as Sparky states, laser/video equipped. If it was APNR there would probably have been some cars very close ready to pursue the bandits.
  5. Example: Speed limit 60 mph. They clock you at camera A as you pass it at 12 o'clock. They then clock you one mile on at camera B as you pass it. At 60 mph you travel at one mile per minute. Therefore if you pass camera B at 12.01 or later you are OK. If you get there in less than one minute it means that you were travelling at more than 60 mph, so they nick you.

    What I want to know is, the average speed cameras don't just operate at the start and finish of the roadworks, but at intervals in between as well. Does that mean you can be nicked for multiple offences over the same set of roadworks? (i.e. if there are four cameras along one set of roadworks can you be done for A to B, B to C and C to D?
  6. SCHWEIK I've only ever seen average speed cameras at the start and finish of a section. If there are several it would be frowned upon by a Court to bring muliiple summonses unless it can be clearly shown that separate offences occurred and that the speeding was not all part of one event.
  7. Thanks for that. I'm absolutely sure Ive seen more than just the two. Maybe they add extra ones if traffic joins the restricted road from a side road?
  8. There were some deployed at roadworks on the M4 between Reading and Newbury. There was one at either end and one or two in between.

  9. Not an April Fool alas, the horse box camera thing has been around a while....
  10. to quote Steve "There was a liveleak video of a mobile camera which was hidden as a horsebox in North Wales but i'd like to hope that was a April Fools"
    Well it appears to be true, North Wales Police are having to go to extreme measures to prevent Bikers killing themselves on our local roads.
    In a 3 month period last year 9 bikers died on the roads around here and every attempt at reducing this death toll seems to receive riddicule from the press.
    In summer I often have lunch at the Ponderosa on the top of the Horse Shoe Pass and it is very common to hear the Real Bikers being critical of the minority who use the roads as a race track,
    As far as Cars are concerned, the roads in North Wales are now the safest in the UK thanks to the efforts of the local "Plod"
  11. The only thing that springs to mind is that average cameras were at the start and finish with mobile Gatso's in between to detect short distances of speeding. I stand by my original comment that separate summonses must be shown clearly shown to be separate offences.
  12. I don't think they were Gatsos. There were two of them in yellow bodies mounted side by side atop a tall thin yellow pole. IIRC they were two of these mounted between the ones at each end of the roadworks.

  13. Could they be ones which are normally there operating when the road works are not in place? Otherwise I cannot think of anything else.
  14. M74 North of Carlisle has a few scattered about along stretch of road works right now!
  15. Two seperate cameras mounted outside of the van on a bridge? I think they are just traffic survey ones but im not sure.

    BobJamesCo; it's a shame to think it's come to hiding inside horseboxes to do so. I'd like to see a different attitude really, someone having a penalty notice flap through they're door three weeks after the event isn't going to educate them that the next corner ahead NEEDS to be taken at a sensible speed.
    I'd prefer massive LED signs that shout "OI, BIKER REG X1234 XXX, SLOW DOWN BY TWENTY OR YOUR DEAD" at an accident blackspot.

    But then they don't make money. They would only save lives.