Mobile Signal at Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Taita, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    Due to be spending some time at Blandford in the next few weeks, can someone advise on the best mobile network to be on whilst I'm there? I've heard bad things about Orange and average about Vodafone/02.

  2. O2's very average. Awful round the Quarters (and gets worse the further down the hill from the Sgt's Mess you go). Not bad round most of the blocks but much better outside than inside usually.

    Haven't had a Vodafone phone on Blandford since I bought my first mobile there about 12 years ago so I couldn't tell you about that.
  3. Thanks for quick response. I'm not particularly familiar with the layout of the camp tbh, how far is the Officer's Mess from the Sgt's Mess? Signal any good around that area?
  4. Are you buying a mobile just fr your course?

    The mobile coverage in Blandford is sh1t for a reason. Those who are destined to be great communicators get calls, those who are destined for the RD path whinge about lack of signal. Those destined for the Supervisor trade buy lots of geekery to make up for the lack of signal.
  5. Officer's Mess is the other side of camp from the Sgt's and the signal's not bad on O2 up there either. There's a big valley which the Quarters sit in that mess the signal up.
  6. Vodaphone was pretty good for me everywhere on camp.
  7. Thanks guys, I think I'll get an 02 phone for the duration of course. PAYG / Rolling contract.
  8. The signal is all shit, and you have to pay for the wifi! Go into the town and youll can pick up good signal. The only decent wifi i found on camp was up in the bar, next to the bowling alley.
  9. Most mobile phone providers have a website where you can check coverage these days.
  10. Who in their right mind bases themselves in the armpit of UK. Road system is pants. On the other hand it could be a good 'family' business :D

    Even the Signals only went there because there was a camp going begging.
  11. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    To be fair, Slough is more like the crotch of the UK. And you missed Port Talbot from your list, it should be there.
  12. Agree with that - if you're going to have a mobile Vodafone is the only network to give reasonable coverage. You may get a signal with others, if you lean out the window etc, but Vodafone is pretty consistent.

    Quite liked Blandford and the surrounding area, but it is a pain getting anywhere more distant (I don't miss 4 years of being stuck behind tractors, caravans, HGVs, people doing 35 in a 60 etc etc etc).
  13. I worked at Blanford a couple of years back, I was on T-Mobile, worked fine around the top end of camp.
  14. Vodafone all the way on Blandford Camp. Everything else struggles.
  15. Turn up in September when the steam fair is on. Average road speed much improved!