Mobile Ring Tones.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Yeah yeah, I know, it's been done before, but Big J made me stay awake to be nasty to something.

    As you all know, I am Lazarus. I can sleep for England and still be as beautiful and "Stuff" when I wake up. I can also be very abusive, but I would never be like that.

    OK, my ringtones.

    The Big J - YMCA
    Mac UK - I like big butts
    Maka - Hurrah for the CRE
    Scoobs, Mimi and Beebs - I'm your man
    The Guru - You'll Never Walk Alone.
    Toppers - Your love is my love

    The rest of you get either this: [video=youtube;JMrcnqKSbw8][/video]

    That's the batphone.
  2. The crappy pink one goes like this:


    I don't stop singing to either of them though.

    What's your ringtone?

    Fucking one video a link mullarky.
  3. I used to Luke you.

    Please don't get drunk tonight xxx
  4. Wife gets the old favourite "warning it's the wife" you would get "warning ginger alert" most others get the benny hill theme but the boss gets billy Connelly ranting about wanting this and that as it seems perfect for G4 stuff.
    Text tone is the bells from spaghetti western and Alan Partridge shouting "I am hung like a donkey" clearly lies but still makes me smile.
  5. Being ex rickshaws I have this -
  6. The ex Mrs gets this one -
  7. Being a layabout who sleeps in until gone lunchtime I have missed important calls so I downloaded the fire alert siren from the international space station as my ring tone.

    It's the worlds most anoying sound after Jedward.
  8. Nah mate, what about that cunt Beiber?
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  9. Prince Albert has just earnt himself this. The fucking stalking cunt.

  10. That is seriously hurting my head.

    Don't watch it.
  11. [video=youtube_share;yhUsrEnM-fw][/video]
  12. Sorry, I was singing to Donny Osmond. What was the question again?