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How many of you have read with delight that car users are finally going to get hit with points on their licence. I as a motorcyclist thought great but as i am out riding you still seen the stupid c@@~s still using them as the drift into your path

Motorcyclist still undercut and drive with reckless abandon.

How is this in "Films, Literature, Music and All Things Artsy"?
Because the resulting stain of the cylist on the asphalt can look very post modern!
Ahhh yes, but what with the shortage of transplant organs in the country, it could be argued that we are carrying out a public service.

Bally Penny Farthing Pilots think they own the queens highway!
oh how i laugh with joy when i see wing mirrors bent of when silly twats in there cars move across on purpose to stop a motorcycle filtering
I too am amused to see the expression on the bikers face as my wipers eject him from my windsreen.


I too, chuckle quite loudly when I see the carnage in my rear-view mirror of a motorcyclist who thinks the highway code doesn't apply to him still doing forward rolls - closely followed by his bike.
Or when you flip a packet of crisps on to their visor....

Or open your door on them.
My favourite is tying cheeswire across the road Dick dastardly like... always makes Muttley chuckle..
what about the helmeted blue-toothe users??
who are chatting away beneat their helmets??
do you think that this only applies to motorists??
a motorcyclist on the phone on the move is one hell of a danger..
It isn't murder old boy... merely assisting with natural selection.
Surely a motorcycle filtering, or taking advantage of increased speed, braking and size has no effect at all on the crawling passage of driving a car in the UK, so why is it then that so many car drivers have a sad on with bikes?

It also follows then that if you have not ridden a bike then how, as a car driver, can you comment on what is safe or not bearing in mind the vast differences in vehicle type?

I would not drive my car like i would ride my bike, and vice versa as they are both very very different. which is more fun is entirely down to the indivdual and what they are after.

Consider lastly that if more people who could rode bikes then there would be less congestion for the car drivers so then could we not all get along?
for many of us who are both car and motorcyclists you appreciate how differently you approach the road. I before i learnt to ride my motorbike didn't fully appreciate this, only on passing my motorcycle test that you can fully understand how little people actually pay full attention to the fact that when coming up to a junction just how easy it is to not see the motorcycle before they pull out on them with that time honoured phrase "sorry mate didn't see you"
Equally if you don't like sitting in that traffic jam and whinge that yet another motorcycle is filtering down past you, learn to ride a motorbike yourself
I don't whinge, I just crush the fcuker against hte hard shoulder.

PS. Youhave been here 24 hours now, you must know how it works.

The Cad wasn't advocating murder, with his Dick Dasterdly style piano wire idea....

I on the other hand am. Muttley has raised hardly a snicker.
Was following white van man down outside lane M6 south by Corley services, he went from 90 MPH to 40MPH back to 90, down to 40 whilst veering from Barrier on right ,over to lane 2.
As I got piss ed off with his antics, nipped around inside, wrong I know,while he was doing a 40 MPH spell to see him texting!

Doesn`t matter what you Ride/drive, stupidity is stupidity


I've no problem with bikes "filtering" in traffic, its when the knobbers do it at 90mph just as i'm about to move back out of the outside lane. The ability to go faster doesn't grant you permission to ride like a twat.

And next time I see a biker "bending wing mirrors" as you put it, I'm going to open the fucking car door on him just before he gets to me.
if you rode you would understand we are not all angels i am the first to admit but it is always easy to jump on the bandwagon all we ask is show a little consideration not let the actions of a few. it just might be someone you know that you wipe out still oh dear just another biker eh. you will find most riders would rather be out on the road when there is no traffic any way
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