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I note that 3 have brought out a Skype phone and am thinking of purchasing one.

1. Has anyone puchased the Skype phone yet and if so how effective is it?
2. Has anyone had problems with 3 coverage in the UK?

Thank you.
Got one earlier this week, had problems in getting Skype to run, but i have used 3 for over a year and only lose reception in deepest, darkest Wales.

Or Kent.
3 use t mobile as a back up if things are not too good, but like most operators things will change

with regards to skype and the ip malarky, i would not expect too much from it unless your package you have is unlimited (data)
this is due to several factors which is shall avoid for now in fear of boring you too death.
Was with three a few months ago, and had been with them for over a year - terrible reception when out and about in the country (where I spend all my time). Might just be my area mind, but it was a problem most places I went. Glad I left them personally.
Had a smart phone a year or so ago which ran Windows Mobile and thus Skype too. Connected via the wifi but was pretty good. I know yours will run under 3G but Skype are pretty good at keeping their software stable on all platforms.
Any ideas as to why Skype is crashing on my mobile? I try to sign in with an existing account, it says it needs to upgrade the software, then i get a server error and it all shuts down.
A question on skype.

Is it possible to use a skype phone with the internet terminals in Camp Bastian?

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