Mobile Phones- problem over setting up contract.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 06FA56Paderborn, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. I tried to set up a monthly contract at the weekend for a mobile in the UK (for my son who is resident in the UK though we will be meeting the bills), but was unsuccesful as each company (Orange, O2 and Phones4U) required to run a credit check and their systems could not cope with a BFPO number rather than a UK address.

    I am not worried about failing the check as I have an acceptable credit rating, but would like to know if it was just incompetance on behalf of the staff in the shops (it was a Sunday at Cribs Causeway Bristol) or company policy, before I start to try and find a way around the problem.

    Pay as You Go does not seem to be the way ahead as my son is after a Blackberry 9700 which is not available as yet on PAYG as far as I can ascertain

    Anyone any experience of this problem with ideas as to how I can overcome it?
  2. <Cough>

    PAYG 9700

    Or give grannys address etc. Why does he want a BB? IWHT a HTC Hero or similar would be good, most have pesh email available and one is not tied to the BB software/apps.

    Kids eh? :D
  3. Have you tried contacting Voda/O2/etc direct, I vaguely remember someone else on here having the same problems and going direct.