Mobile phones in AFG - recommendations please

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Howling_Wolf, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. I'm off to AFG in a few months time. Can anyone please recommend a good PAYG mobile and network for general calls and using Skype? Cheers.
  2. None -OPSEC, PERSEC etc etc etc etc
  3. British Mobile phones are verboten, There are two Afghan networks, but not recommended to buy (OPSEC issues). Use Skype, MSN , Paradigm card (free welfare minutes per month issued on arrival). There are also Banana cards for extra calls which are available in a number of places, though I've never felt the need and always have more on my Paradigm card than I can use (but then I'm a miserable git).

    OPTAG should have briefed you on this btw
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    TA. Love 'em.
  5. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    If you need a phone out there you'll be issued one, if you don' won't !!!! simple.
  6. AIUI if the MOD is paying for the ticket then you leave it at home. If they are not then you might want to ponder the possibility of mistaken identity and the phones ability to act as a homing beacon for expensive ordnance.

    In any case calls to AFG are going to be between 25p and 95p per minute and could be considerably more expensive on the way back.

    As far as skype and general Internet access you might want to have a look for infrastructure around your proposed location before taking this any further.
  7. Roshan do a good deal on their pay as you go at the moment. 35Afs for the first 2 minutes (50p) then 5 Afs a minute (6p) for the remainder of the call to any international number.

    Good reception in most places and it's probably the cheapest way of phoning home. You can get any roshan pay as you go sim and then migrate by dialing 333 and following the instructions. I don't think Roshan supports data, but neither does AWCC outside Kabul. Roshan SMS is more reliable than AWCC also.

    But of course, if you use a mobile phone in Afghanistan Mullah Omar himself listens to all your conversations, passes on your grid location to the elite Taleban 155mm gun line, steals all your contact details and then flies to the UK and rapes your girlfriend - if you believe what the OPSEC Nazis tell you.
  8. HW, if you are caught using an unauthorised phone, min of £1000 fine...can you afford that! (NOT!... if you're buying pay-as-you-crow!).
  9. Might have to start putting these excuses for no mobile phones in Afghanisatn in the army urban legends thread.
  10. You are an idiot to try and use a mobile there. Terry is unlikely to call in a fire mission on you, but they will get hold of the number you are calling and may shit your missus up at home. I know for a fact this has happened. Also if you're the kind of cnut to go against this rule you are also probably big-timing about the big upcoming op you're taking part in. My last Bde Comds policy was right - it counts as a "security ND" and gets a months wages fine.
  11. On our recent tour, one of the lads had his SIM card taken from his room by a choggie! ran up a £1300 pound bill.
  12. And another for the urban legends
  13. OPTAG are now briefing taking mobile phones into theatre as against SOPs, and a punishable offence.
  14. So your point is that the 'OPSEC Nazis' have overblown the risk of people phoning home and you judge the risk of you ignoring the directions you've been given is outweighed by the benefits of you phoning home. Are you a major, by any chance? Anyway, it should be an interesting defence case, unless you've got some specialist knowledge denied to us mere mortals that allows you to make the call you have.

  15. It does seem a little strange
    That nearly every other army out there has mobiles.
    That KBR/Supreme etc have mobiles
    That British SF have mobiles
    That the embedded press have mobiles
    That there are at least two mobile phone shops and numerous mobile phone stalls on the chogie market in KAF.
    That various duty personnel (from L/Cpl upwards) have duty mobiles

    It might seem a tad overblown