Mobile Phones - can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Wynter, Mar 15, 2004.

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  1. Looking into getting a new mobile, and have narrowed it down to 2. Wondered if anyone has one of these and if they have had any problems with them / thinks they are excellent etc... The two are:

    - Motorola V500
    - Nokia 6100

    Appreciate it!

  2. nokia generally are far more reliable than Motorola, (in my opinion)
  3. The Nokia 6100 is superb, its what I use, and I have a dealership.

    They do however have a couple of drawbacks.

    1. Not blue tooth
    2. No camera

    Although Motorola have improved they aren't a patch on Nokia.

    Just to throw a spanner in the works, have a look at the Samsung E700..

    When you get your best price, Email / PM me and I'll bet you a pickled egg I can smash the price. (ask Lippy the uni-jug)
  4. I have always had Nokia over the past 10 years and found them to be excellent. I am using the 7250i at the moment. It is a superb phone. Only drawback - no bluetooth. Has IR though.
  5. i got a nokia 7250i and its great as long as it dont get wet. The interface for using hte nokia is a lot better than any other phone.

    Get the nokia.
  6. What ever you decide on – take it out of the shop and turn it on in daylight. I have a Sony Ericsson T610 – which is a good little bit of kit, all the blueteeth and whistles you could wish for – the only draw back is that in direct sunlight it’s impossible to see the display. 8O

    And it is small !! - I keep having to ring myself up from a landline to find where I have put the bloody thing :D
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  7. I can wholeheartedly recommend Three as a network of choice.

    £25 / month for 500 Minutes of any network, any time calls.

    Don't think you'll beat that.

    And you get a video phone thrown into the bargain.

    The only downside I can see is that the best handset available on three is a motorola - & I hugely prefer Nokia handsets.



  8. Wynter,
    Cringe as I must but admittedly MDN is right..... was looking at other models of phone and deals, but you wont get a better deal on an E700 anywhere else. Guaranteed. Well impressed with the phone. Just order an 02 sim, free 300 text and 300 mins of wap per month and its £10 top up every 30 days which is a mere pittance.
    Go for it, its virtually painless :lol:

    P.S. if anyone can use 2 x Nokia 7110's let me know. Theyre taking up valuable lingerie space in my suitcase.... :wink:
  9. I must disagree with BFG.

    I find Three the biggest pile of scrap since time began.

    I handed back my dealership to them and told them to poke it.

    When you phone customer services you get diverted to a call centre in the out back of gumba gumba land.

    Thier invoicing system is pants and they cannot abide by a preffered direct debit date to save thier lives.

    Considering Hutchinson founded Orange I am amazed they are still in business after this shower of poop.

    Lippy, PM me, I'll cross your palms for those 7110's they will do as loan phones when I convert people from Three to a real network
  10. All Valid points I'm sure.....

    However, that being said, I still doubt you can beat the £25 / 500 deal on another network.


  11. Lippy, did you ever wear a long black leather coat & shades?


  12. £25 for 500 mins is Very good...

    but I'd sooner pay £35 and be gauranteed to be able to make a call, rather than try for an hour smash up your phone, have to spend money in a shop you don't want to, to get 20p to used a piss stenched phonebox
  13. Nokias going to good home. Thanks guys. The power of arrse eh!
    Pm box full. MY my wish I'd advertised my one cupped bra..... :wink:
    Wynter get that E700. Its well worth it.
  14. Thanks everyone for all your useful comments,


    MDN, will be in touch! :wink:
  15. Doh! Just looked at the E700 again, dismissed it yesterday as a bit chunky, but had another look at the dimensions and it's quite a sexy little phone isn't it.

    think i'll have to go and have a look at some irl to decide!