Mobile phones at 14 Sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ironrations, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. I'm posted in to 14 Sigs about a month from now and my mobile contracts up, who is the best provider for the Brawdy massif?
  2. I heard ptarmigan provide good network service out there.................
  3. get yourself a 12V car battery and a hand powered land line. that should cover you.
  4. vodafone
  5. pmsl thats very good.

    Not virgin *nods*

    Orange was the company my dad was with when he was posted nr there.

    Mo x x x
  6. I have lived in H'west for the last 7 years and Orange gives great coverage all over-including on the beach or out climbing
  7. How about a Republic of Ireland provider? Its fcuking close enough..
  8. I gues the receptions good due to the providers cranking the power up without needing to worry about damaging the locals.

    After all, who'd notice a few more deformed welshmen...
  9. Im with orange and ive never had to stand outside the astro turf to get a signal. Althought one of the best service providers in the area to make sure you can call pretty much every time you want to use it is BT!
    As for ptarmigan thats what powers our obvious cell and thats pretty much it.
  10. Orange is definitely the best on camp.. Most others are pretty sketchy.. Hope this helps :D
  11. Go orange, and with a decent phone you won't go wrong.
  12. Does it really matter what phone you have?? Its all about the network.
  13. As strange as it may sound, I think that it does. I recently upgraded my phone (both were nokias) and the new one had a much better pickup.

  14. Of course it matters which phone you have. Much the same as which radios you use they are all in the correct bands, its all about the quality of the Tx and Rx.
    Just make that warm feeling come back and tell me your not an Op trade?
  15. Invade_france

    Yes and No.

    Yes the phone will make a difference because (hopefully) the newer the model the better reception and transmission properties it will give you. Take care to also look at the different models and read the small shite about the radio properties. Remember they are radios after all and not phones.

    No because it also depends on contracts. If you are on a pay-as-you-go you will not get as good a coverage as someone on a monthly tarrif. Someone who spends more on their tarrif we get a better coverage than someone who spends bugger all and so on.

    You also need to take into account your bodies RF absorbtion properties because each person will absorb or not as the case may be RF differently, therefore two people (who are not cloned) who have the same phone and same contract, who both spend the same will see differences.

    Obviously very bored.