Mobile phones and going on ops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fatdave42, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    I am due to go on Op Telic 9 soon. I have got a Three mobile phone. I pay £100 line rental each month. I took out the contract in Feb of this year. I have asked then to suspend my account for the time that I am out there. This would be a big saving, but they say that it is not possible to do this.

    I know someone on Orange that is only paying £10 per month to keep their number.

    Has any one been able to do this on Three? If you have, can you please let me know how.

    If no one as been able to then I would suggest NOT using Three as it can cost you a lot of money for nothing.
  2. I had a similar problem with Three. I ended up just reducing my tarif down to the lowest possible amount and just paying that. Think it was around £25 at the time. You can change your Tarrif anytime after three months into the contract. Hope that helps.
  3. That's your problem in a nutshell!
  4. i was stuck in a 12 month contract and my only option was to reduce my tariff to the very basic one which was around £25 a month. still useful as most of the time you can use it to text when out here. well that is up til fairly recently when the local network broke down :roll:
  5. Did you type that line rental figure in correct, £100!!!!
  6. That I did. For the £100 i get: -

    2000 mins
    300 texts
    100 UK video minutes
    100 UK picture messages
    100 UK video messages
    Plus 50 emails
    FREE internet surfing powered by Yahoo! Search

    I do talk a lot on the phone.
  7. Jesus!, can you contact shipping in the Dover Straits with that package too!!
  8. I'd rather keep the hundred quid and be an anti-social bastard.
  9. I have O2 pay as you go, 300 free texts a month for £10.

    An extra 500 odd texts on top of that if I top up £15 or more within a month, no contract to worry about, I get my free O2 treats on top of that, Why have a contract!.
  10. Back to the mobiles on ops theme. I remember reading in one of the KIT magazines (you know the small booklet on how to maintain kit, common faults NSN's etc). a few years ago how a challenger tank commander 'wired' his mobile phone car charger into his challenger wiring in the turret, it inevitably short circuits and the resulting fire burnt the tank out!!!!!!
  11. Dont reckon his kit insurance covered that one :p :p
  12. Approach them again, tell them that you have heard that it is possible becasue the contract has been frustrated. Explain that you still want to be with them and you will demonstrate this by resuming the remaining part of the contract once you return.

    In short it is possible, as long as your tour was not known at the time you took up the contract (if it was then just say that it wasn't - it will be down to them to prove you are lying).
  13. When I talk to them, all I get is the following options.

    1)Transfer the phone in to some one else name.
    2)I can drop the line rental down to the next level, but I can only go down one level once a month.
    They tell me that it is NOT possible to put my account on hold on the system and that no one will be able to do it for me. I have also told them that I would be happy to start from where I left off.
  14. Cancel your direct-debit with them, I am sure they will help you out once they start losing their money.
  15. You have a contract with the phone company and he general rule in contract law is that parties to a contract must perform their contractual duties to the standards that they have agreed with each other in order to discharge their obligations. So you took out a phone contract for x months at £x per month in return for a mobile phone service (no surprise there - most people have done that)

    Now, if a state of affairs between contracting parties transpires, where once the contract has been made, an unforeseeable event occurs, (this can be the unavailability of a specific thing or person or an event out of the control of the contracting parties), then the contract will be frustrated.

    Note that the effect of this event must be so extreme that it renders the continued performance of the contracting parties' impossible or that the end result will be something that is radically different from that which was agreed.

    If this is the case then you can claim that the contract is frustrated and that the contracting parties should be discharged from their obligations. If you want to see chapter and verse on this, then search for Law Reform (Frustrated Contracts) Act 1943.

    So the question is: Are you in a position that renders the continued performance of your contract impossible or radically different from that which was envisaged. The fact that it will cost you much more to use your phone on operations that what it otherwise would do if you were UK based does not render the performance impossible - just more expensive. If however you were to suggest that the "Three" video element was of essence to the contract (and you wouldn't have to try very hard since you are paying through the nose for it), then you could venture to claim that the contract has been frustrated on those grounds.

    In short speak to them again, write to them and put forth your argument. It is unlawful to stop your direct debits without prior agreement and you could be sued for breach of contract if you do.