Mobile phones and beer

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cow, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    Do the two mix? My brother brought his new misses home to meet the parents, only been with her for few months so was a bit supprised, after all, he's only young.

    Being the good guy that he is and having just been paid he took a load of us out for a few beers and introduction of said lady. Transpires she use to be a Pad Brat, dad having served in the Inf.
    As the night goes on and I have my fair share of alcohol my brother leaves his phone on the table, being the good guy I am I can't but help go straight to the images/video section... Don't go in the one named <misses name> he says, with a grin on his face...

    As if I wouldn't.

    1st pics are quite tame, few of her fully clothed.. Then further on tits out... Further on her doing the female version of the 5 knuckle shuffle! RESULT! Close up and with sound!

    She flips, trys to get the phone off me but the damage has been done. He's sitting there grinning and she's proper not happy. Got a text from him this morning, to the effect that he expects to be single again soon. Couldn't help but text back asking for the video... Not had a reply back yet!

    Any one else had issues with phones while drinking? Evidence they leave can be a right bitch, caused me some right itchy moments.

    Any one else?
  2. Alcohol and telephones combined with me are fcuking lethal as I have a tendency to drink dial anything that is female and has a pulse.

    Top tip-leave the phone at home as it will only end in tears/a bollocking.
  3. Mmmmm,0793....... :)
  4. Hallveg had the misfortune to leave his phone unattended on a night out in Covent Garden. He was not impressed when the phone started ringing later on in the evening to the sound of Infiltrator saying you're a co_ck, you're co_ck, you're co_ck