Mobile phone upgrade; Nokia 5800?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Having a plan sold to me by Noahs' dad, its time to upgrade. Voda have offered me the Nok 5800 with 600 minutes & unlimited texts, £20pm 24 month contract.

    Looking for QWERTY but not a clamshell; will need email and t'internet access and, crucially - long talk / standby ( so Blackberry not really on. )

    Is this the Kahuna or should I consider something else?

    TIA, dudes.

  2. IPHONE is the one to have!

    loads of great applications, and it doubles up as an ipod (get the 16gb if you can) if you do get one make sure it is the 3G S variant - this is the latest and greatest iphone
  3. Thanks - but the 5800 is Vodafone ( as I am, and want to keep number... ) plus the package is £20pm with free phone.

    PS - where you at Buck House yesterday?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    You can port the number.
  5. I had a Nokia E71 but some theiving pikey barsteward nicked it! Extremely miffed at that. Not just because of the inconvenience and because it was expensive and had all my contacts/ pics etc but because it was a truely excellent phone! Brilliant battery life... way better than a Blackberry.
  6. screen very easily damaged i have heard, if you want a qwerty keyboard go for the new n97
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    got one (5800) had it two weeks, didnt want to stretch the extra bit for the N97. Love it, however why do you need qwerty? the damm thing reads handwriting! couldnt belive it when i found it on the settings. Now im used to it i wouldn't go back.

    Camera good, it plays movies, music player, radio, pod casts and shit loads of other stuff i havent got round to looking at yet.

    verdict. for a free phone its better than excellent. As for screen scratch, it wont if you look after it.
  8. No sorry not at buck house but a few of my oppos were, a small balding guy, loads of medals and buck teeth he is at my work place if you spoke to him
  9. FN

    My dad is ex FAA ( and a Field Gunner, so Nails ). He was there, I'm Inf.
  10. I heard that too. I have used one for about 10 minutes and the phone itself wasn't bad but the menu system is awful looking and awkard to use. I would suggest a blackberry or an iPhone. Blackberry phones have good battery life if thad an issue.
  11. what, even block capital ruler writing???
  12. I was very tempted to go for a Nokia N97 but it's
    A) massively expensive and
    B) you'll end up carrying around effectively a small laptop. (remember the old Nokia communicator?)

    If you really need a QWERTY keyboard get a Nokia E71... I really found it to be the business ... until some theiving pikey toe-rag nicked it that is.. (and yes I am bitter about it :x I liked that phone)
  13. 5800 ordered today, delivery tues. Thanks to all.

  14. Loved my E71 managed to bend it ( it really bent and broke ) at some point. Shame.
  15. Thats a shame... apart from being a magnet for fingerprints it was a very nice functional little phone (superb battery life!) with not a bad camera on it as well!