Mobile phone unlocking

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brettarider, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Are Virgin mobile phones easy to get unlocked? I can get a deal on them at work and have heard that G3 hones are a tw@t to get done due to them being fitted with a chip of sprts to stop this happening just wondering if Virgin do the same before shelling out some wedge on one
  2. do a serch on google, but i belive that most nokias can be unlocked for free.
  3. Just bought one for my boy (his choice) and the Virgin shop where we bought it said Virgin unlock their PAYG phones free once you have spent £30 on top ups.
  4. depends on the phone

    all major phone companies do two kinds of phone (and sim card) now 3G and normal 2G

    3G is the wave of the future, video calling, broadband data speeds etc etc and the phone and sim card combo are generally harder to unlock and while you can stick a 2G sim in a 3G phone the reception is crap and a lot of the features don’t work.

    3 the network provider us exclusively 3G phones which is why there so hard to unlock and so crappy when you do because of the 2G sim you stick into them.

    Virgin as far as I know use mostly the older gen 2G phones, with most you will have little problem unlocking as long as you have the right software and a data cable.
  5. I get my phones un-locked on Oldham market. Depends on make depends on cost. But It should never be more than 20£
  6. OK i will bite

    Geek Mode on!!

    Phones are easy to unlock, it doesnt matter what network you are on, it only really matters on what type the phone is. Nokia ones are easier than most, but it only takes 2 minutes longer if that ,to work on another phone.

    There are many free programs on line that you can use to unlock your phone for free, ( just be carefulfull though there are some that dont work and will cause your phone to lock out , and asking for the PUK code).

    Or you can spend 20+ pounds for some dodgy person to unlock it for you ( waste of money in my Opinion).
    True 3G real time video calling is the new 'in thing' ( i know i build these networks all over the world)

    The mobile phone will have 2 Modes,
    3G if you are on a 3G network, but if you go to some place in the middle of nowhere it will hand over to the 2G network so you can continue your normal call, and restrict your services to that of a normal non video calling phone.

    Or if you place a 2G sim in the phone it will work to that sims network provider on 2G only, this will of course give you the slow data rates (as you are no longer on a high speed network) so yes you will loose funtionality such as tv streaming etc... so thats pretty much stating the obvious.

    The phone signal is not crap from a 3G phone with a 2G sim card in, test have been done to prove this before the network was even released to the public.
    What the problem you may encounter is this
    the 3G mobile phone towers on average stand around 5K's apart from each other (these being the antennas you see all over buildings/towers etc...) per network.
    where as the 2G ones are on average around 10k's apart.
    Now saying this it will also depend on the population concentration, such as in central london, due to high buildings and mass population there will be more to provide extra coverage, where as on ben nevis for instance one tower might be enough for the population over a wide area.
    So when you place your 2G sim card into a 3g phone the phone has further to reach to the masts, thus causing a bit of interferance but only minutely, and since the 2G network is older, there is slightly more noise from the equipment itself, hardly noticeable. But remember it might not be your phone that is crap, it might be the other person you are calling ( who might be on yet another different network who is having more problems.
    Either that or you just live in a crap phone area.

    Geek Mode off
  7. Nokia BB5 (All the new 3G ones) coded phones can at the moment only be unlocked by the service provider. I have seen 1 firm claiming they can unlock them but they charge £60.00 and you have to send you new shiney phone away to them by post.

    Unlike the old phones, flashing the firmware to the manufactures firmware no longer unlocks the phones either.

  8. I had an old Nokia unlocked in Edinburgh for £10 in one of those tarted up bling-bling indian phone shops, the bloke (Indian chap with broad scottish accent) attached a cable to the phone with a black box on the end with two buttons, a red LED and a green LED. All he did was repetitively hammer the two buttons until the green LED lit up.

    Buy an old phone and KISS.
  9. Here is a tip for you all. If you are taking a phone to get unlocked, mark your name or something on the battery.

    I took mine into a shop to get it unlocked a few years back. The guy swapped my battery for another but older probabley drained one. He got a fcuking shock when I fronted him and told him I was caling the Police for theft and the fact what he was doing was illegal.

    What a supprise, I got it done for free and my original battery back!!
  10. As I can't find anyone in the seedy streets here who can do it, does anyone know a link/location where I can get a Sony Ericsson unlocked?
  11. Nokia N70 locked to "3" network, anyone know the best way to unlock it ?
  12. You need help.