Mobile phone tracking / vehicle tracking

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by mucus2, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if your firm has to inform you that your works mobile / vehicle is tracked before you receive it?

    Situation is, I finally got a works mobile phone after much complaining about having to use my personal mobile. Now getting twenty questions about my movements last week, with warnings of impending doom should they not match to the hours on my timesheet. 8O

    I don't have anything to worry about, but seems a bit of a liberty to have this dropped on me.
  2. Didn't you notice the little scar on the back of your head? You've been micro chipped. As to your question. If the vehicle has a tracking device then they don't have to tell you unless you have access to it for private use as well. If you carry your mobile 24/7 then they must inform you it has a tracking device though it's highly unlikely it has one to be honest. Probably the vehicle which has it.
  3. There are a number of possibilities most likely is that they are just nosey :)

    If you want to know more about both sorts of tracking check out - it covers all aspects of technical surveillance but remember network capability varies from country to country.

    If they have provided a mobile for you it is unlikely that it has been modified as it is expensive and complicated if done correctly.
  4. So basically you're shirking and not at work when/where you should be and they have found out.Be more careful,put your phone in an envelope and post it to yourself,watch their faces when you spend six hours at the nearest sorting office. :lol:

    In reality the phone tracking thing takes all sorts of paperwork to do it without consent,they are probably just following you. :wink:
  5. Thanks for that.

    I reckon it's the mobile, as I've been doing this job for the past six weeks with no problems. Questions only started last week when I got the mobile.

    Is it written down anywhere where it states I've got to be informed about tracking? Just as a nice to know / arrse covering exercise? :D

    As for the shirking, nope, not me, been in the middle of nowhere so can't see the following angle to be honest.
  6. Errm, no it isn't.

    I use it as oppose to vehicle trackers, you can sign any mobile up for it on and depending upon the density of the base stations, it is accurate to between 10 and 100 metres.

    It doesn't need any modification to the phone and the same company also offers a service for GPS equipped phones that is accurate to 5 metres.

    They do have to send periodic text messages to you though to let you know the phone is being tracked.

    So be afraid, Big Brother can watch you :)
  7. Wrong, you can track a mobile very cheaply via a tracking site. All it requires is a confirmation text from the tracked phone on setting up tracking account, which will no doubt be done before you get given it.. Alternatively a company may purchace its own tracker at a reasonable cost. If your mobile is on, you can be found, fair means or foul.


    edited to add beat me to it Auntie.