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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by JRGilly, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone advise on what mobile phone network provides the best signal while at sandhurst, also if there are any particular phones that work well and any networks that are best for dongles.

  2. Three is pretty crap inside buildings, but ok for the rest of the areas
  3. Top tip, get a USB lead (male a to female a (ie the same as the dongle plug and the PC Socket not a printer cable.) as long as you can (1.5m is about it IIRC due to signal loss on the cable related to this protocol).

    Then if you find your room is in a 'black spot' you can raise your dongle with a bit of blue tack or just hang it out of the window. Miles better than balancing your laptop on the top of your wardrobe!!!!
  4. Wow, I must bow to your technical know how. :worship: Oh wait no I don't as I'm currently using a 4.8m USB extension lead and dongle in order to send this. :winkrazz:

    Last recommendation I saw was no greater than 5m including the dongle. But it can depend on the actual dongle.
  5. no wi-fi at sandhurst then? gutted
  6. I did read somewhere about there being Wi-Fi in one of the rooms, which also happened to work in the (a?) bar...
  7. Impressive. Must be using a tighter weave on the cable now. How much did you pay?
  8. USB max in the specs is 5m roughly IIRC. 4.8 works fine.

    Avoid Orange, it is utter shit in all parts of camp (even with the extra T Mobile signal). O2 is OK and the popular choice.

    There is WiFi in the 2 internet cafes in Old College, and New College aswell (might just be PCs in there, never tried wifi). No internet in the lines in Old College. There is internet in New College for when you get to Inters.
  9. O2 is the best at Sandhurst, you even get reception over at Victory island. Worth getting a cheap pay as you go phone/sim to keep stashed in your room just in case your CSgt hangs onto your 'main' mobile during one of the obligatory d*ck arounds during Juniors. Also don't bother getting a dongle on a contract because as soon as you get to inters and New College you are forced to pay £15 a month for internet in your room, so you may as well use it.
  10. Rinaldi mate you can get on the Internet without a Portico phone. The 15 a month is for the phone, give it back to the CQ if you don't use it - I don't know anyone who uses it tbh.

    Requires about 10 min work to get it working from wallplug->laptop.
  11. We only use the phone for calling each others rooms... We have tried to give the phones back but are told by CQ, CSM etc. that the £15 a month is for the internet connection and is not optional.
  12. That old chestnut. :roll:
  13. Your DS are wrong mate ;).

    Isn't RMAS great!
  14. My DS are never wrong... surely??
  15. How often do you rub your cock with gadgets???