Mobile phone signal in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by liverpains, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Is there anywhere i can use my mobile?

    As yet I am not sure where it is I will be based in the country, but my mobile phone service provider has offered my a good deal whilst I'm out there! (750 international mins 250 txts £35)

    Does anyone have any experience of using a mobile out there?

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  2. mate, as far as i'm aware mobiles are banned in the stan.

    terry taliban and his friends were intercepting calls and getting details and then contacting family saying they had captured their loved ones.

    i do however standby to be corrected as this was the policy early part of the year
  3. They are still banned in theatre. Official policy was that they are handed in to your unit on arrival and you got them back when you left. Not sure how widely that was applied though. You are told quite clearly not to use them.
  4. See above and if you do you'll get calls to your family telling them how you died horribly.

    If you choose not to follow the policy in theatre then with all due respect you're a bit of a nobber.
  5. Seconded, mobile 'phones weren't banned when I was on TELIC but the threat was obvious and use was actively discouraged. Don't bother, it isn't worth it.
  6. When I was out I managed to get a local sim card through a very helpful contractor, never had any problems with reception, though I was based in Lashjar Gah, I doubt you'll get much if any reception somewhere like Bastion.

    Can't comment on the banning of phones as there wasn't any problem when I was ther.
  7. And the locals are always so very friendly and never work for the Taliban... :roll:
  8. The contractors we had on site used LEC labour. We never had any issues.
  9. Drops Mate,
    'course you never had any probs, the bad guys were exploiting you, you muppet.
    Simple, don't take mobiles to the stan. Its chuffing expensive and there are to many threats. Learn to write again and use a bluey
  10. Is that what your local Field Security Section said? They're locals, which generally means that a proportion are going to be scrotes that are going to nick weapons, nick kit and be shits.

    Trust me.
  11. many thanks for your advice, i will bare it in mind and spread the word!

  12. Dropshort, words fail me. Security advice is given for a reason, not because the MoD is in cahoots with Paradigm on a profit-share basis. Using your personal mobile in theatre is a serious threat to your persec, not to mention opsec.

    Remember the Pricess Diana "squidgy" tapes? Terry is doing exactly the same thing, you knobber.
  13. £1000 fine if caught using your mobile so I hear from someone out there now.
  14. Bit of a shit if all your porn is on your phone then :D

    Copehill down a year or so ago arrived before bagggage no brew kit
    no sleeping bags but between everyone there was gigabytes of the most twisted stuff i have ever seen .
  15. Right fellas.

    1st, you will be told in your OPTAG and theatre arrival briefs what the CURRENT rules are on using your own mobile in whichever theatre you are deploying to.

    This is the gospel, ignore anyone on here who says "When I was On {insert op in sandy place of your choice}..."

    If you are in any doubt as to the security implications of using a mobile phone go and speak to your Unit C3S head honcho who will happily put yout straight on any misconceptions about the security of mobile phones.

    2nd, some of the posts on here were close to breaching all sorts of rules so I am locking this thread.

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