Mobile Phone Service in Afghansistan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by zacnici, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. Note that there are 2 mobile service providers in Afghanistan, Roshan and Afghanistan Wireless. Anyone able to get reception out in the different camps at all or are the grown ups jumping on it?
  2. So far have been told that mobile phones arent permitted, supposedly some members of 16 AA Bde got caught out.
  3. roshan works but can be a bit tempremental. check the cost before you go! the text cost on o2 for me was about 40p (not too bad value for keeping in touch) but the voice call cost was massive. if you take a phone you can buy a sim card and go pay as you go.

    if you are near or in a large town then you should get (patchy) reception.

    don't forget opsec !
  4. You can pick up a sim card for Roshan in KAf, for your mobile phones.
  5. How's about at Bastion? Anyone had any joy??
  6. Sounds like a good back up to Paradigm. I have Virgin PAYG and pay direct debit, according to Virgin incoming calls at 50p minute and texts are 25p so bearable, similar to roaming in Europe and cheaper than in the good ol uSA at 80p incoming voice.

    A Roshan SIM would be top looks like a call to UK would cost about 25p with incoming calls free. Pity EFI doesn't sell them, presumably cos the grown ups will throw their teddy bears in the corner.

    Are you sure they are taking mobiles off you?

  7. probably not a good idea .People in iraq have been warned not to use mobiles as it opens up those back home to hate calls .Guess the idea will arrive in afganistian eventually.
  8. They are in serious use at KAF, both UK and Roshan sims. You can buy roshan out here and lots of guys have.

    PM me if you need some gen. In the mean time I will ask around about reception in BSN.

    BTW Afghan wireless is shit, and roshan doesn't accept MMS. What a c**t.
  9. Absolute blanket ban on any mobile use at Bastion - the powers that be seem to be making quite an issue about it.
  10. AFG is cheaper than BATUS, that's for certain! :D

    Mind you, we're both on Orange International Roaming.