Mobile phone; Samsung B2700 or Motorola V9

Since putting my mobile phone through the washing machine last Monday I have been looking for a replacement phone. It still kind of works, it rings but the keypad is knackered and the screen is cracked.

I have narrowed it down to either the Samsung B2700 or the Motorola V9

I popped in to the high street phone shops to look at phones and was treated like a freak when I told them I wanted a phone to talk and text on and was not interested in having facebook/web/MS messaging bollocks/youtube apps/movie viewers or 12mb cameras.

When asked if they knew how good the aerial's where and range of the phones I was met by blank looks and "we can check your post code". cvnts.

I put it to arrse, which one is best?
If you want a phone that no-one else has got, get a Motorola V9!
Seriously, I've had mine about a year and I've never seen anyone else use one and they're rarely advertised anywhere.

Battery life is good, provided it's only on standby. Active use (particularly internet access) really drains it. Worryingly the back panel gets very warm when using any 3G facility, presumably due to the high power use.

Signal is more dependent on your network to be honest, but 3 seem to give a good 3G signal in most built up areas. My V9 can usually get a signal in places where Mrs T_T's Nokia 6600 (also on 3) struggles a bit.

It's also built well; everything feels majorly solid, particularly the hinge.

That being said, it doesn't really score well in the "Shiny-ness" stakes - it's definitely no iPhone beater.
Cheers TT,

I doubt I will be surfing the internet on the phone so it is good to know that it has good battery life and build quality.

Not into the whole phone bling....... seriously considered getting a Motorola Startac just to be "Not with it".
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