Mobile Phone Rip-Off : BEWARE

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Baghdad-Brit, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. Having been here in the sandpit for a few months now I was somewhat surprised to receive a mobile phone bill for nearly 240 quid last month when I had not even turned my phone on. "Cloned phone" I cried until I spoke to the mobile phone company who told me it was my voicemail making repeated international calls to my phone (turned off) at 1.69 pounds per time to the tune of just over 200 quid!!!!!!!!

    Odd Point 1 - My phone has not been turned on in a number of months over here as there is no compatible network.

    Odd Point 2 - I cannot deacivate the voicemail as I cannot connect to a network.

    After much heated discussion they are finally going to refund me the money but I am posting this topic as a warning to all those about to deploy to turn the voicemail off your mobile before you leave UK as it is too late when you get here.
  2. It would seem that the problem arises when you take the phone out of the uk with you, then turn it on and off in another country. The network knows that your phone is in another country, and maintains the last known location.

    I remember similar problem in the Balkans. Suggestion then was to turn off your mobile whilst still in the UK. The network thinks you are floating around the uk with your phone off. :D

    If you want to check your voicemail whilst abroad, ask the service provider for the voicemail service number, and set up your PIN before you go.

    It is also reasonably simple to turn off voicemail from your handset. With Vodafone, dial 1210 and press "Send". To re-activate, dial 1211. Other networks have similar facilities.
  3. Presumanly you have to have some sort of signal / network to be able to do this though..?
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    You can postpone your contract hilst away for free. It's easy to do.