Mobile phone providers in Blandford

Best mobile phone provider in Blandford Camp

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I was just wondering who is the mobile service provider in Blandford camp.
I am posted there soon and i am due a new mobile.
I don't want to coomit for a year contract if my mobile won't work there.
Any help would be good.
Don't get orange, I think mm02 gets the best reception.

Orange only works after 8 o'clock, unless thats something to do with overloading the system

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After trying many at Blandford over the years Vodafone works the best by a long way
pretty much a signal anywhere on camp no more hanging out of the site portacabin window.
I am with 3 and can get 3G coverage in some places on camp but on others can't even get a signal, but Vodafone is the best by far
Isn't there a null zone on the camp and Radex have been using it as an excuse for 15 years?
timebandit said:
the_guru said:
Isn't there a null zone on the camp and Radex have been using it as an excuse for 15 years?
I think the whole fecking camps a null zone!!! :lol: , including half the people in it!! :roll:
I thought that all Sigs training establishments were null zones for mobile's...Inf Sigs Wing - Warminster :lol:
There are at least two mobile phone cell sites on camp (Orange and mmO2?) - by the water tower/craddock sports pitch. However, a large amount of the camp is on the wrong side of the hill/slope from there - so reception can be rubbish.

So, your choice of network should be based on where you are going to use your phone from. Coverage in the Married Quarters may not be the same as the block or work. I suggest that you post where you will be living/using your phone from and then take the advice from those who use mobiles in the same location.
Correction to my last the cell sites on camp are Orange and Vodafone.

You can search for other cell sites using this website, but the maps aren't easy to use and it takes a lot of searching to find what you are looking for. Also it only tells you where they are - it doesn't give a PPA for them!
Vodafone by a long shot is the best on camp and in town!

Doomsayer: The mast on camp is vodafone , the other mast that is there (by the water tower) is O2. Orange turn up every year during the steam fair to put up a temporary mast that allows all the Irish wanderers access to the rest of the mobile world.

Big Kahoona: Hope that helps.

used vodafone and O2, vodafone is best by a long way except for when the steam fair is on and they stick a model antenna up then O2 is boomers
doomsayer said:
I thought that the mast by the water tower/craddock sports pitch held both Vodafone and Orange? That is what I remember and what is shown by this website?
You might be correct, I worked out that standing near the band stand (Humphs) where you could see the tower or when near the portcabins (again where you got a good view of the tower), normally enabled me to make orange calls.

I could have been unknowingly aligning myself with the water tower.
I found Vodafone always has reception to some degree. 02 and 0range are sketchy at best, unless you stand on one foot with your arrse pointing in a North Westerly Direction.
Don't get Orange as that's who i had and it was only really any good when you were up engineers corner or when the steam fair was on.

I'd recommend vodafone or possibly O2 as that's what most other folks used and they always seemed to have comms when I didn't.
Vodafone is a no-brainer, especially if you are likely to be occupying a quarter. In order to get a reception on her O2 phone, my sister had to hang it from its wrist strap out of the bedroom window upstairs!!

I'm on Vodafone, and rarely have any coverage problems. Turd Mobile is exactly that, Orange seems to suit itself and (as mentioned previously by several previous posters) you are taking a chance if you go for 3.


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